Just a quick question on linking and SEO ranking... please?

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So I heard that in order to boost your SEO ranking, you link back whatever URL website you are rank higher for in Google.

I get it but this sounds way too simple... For example,

Let's say I had a random website called www.dogtrainingisgood.com (doesn't exist).

All I need to do is just make a random blog page and insert this ONE LINE in?

<a href="www.dogtrainingisgood.com">www.dogtrainingis good.com</a>.com

And this all I have to do??
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    What is a quick question? Is it a question that's faster than a slow question? I don't get it...but
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      Just a Quick answer.

      Yes, you're right. SEO is not just about linking. (even though this helps a bit.)

      It is about a whole load of S*it!

      You'd have to really dig on google and get some seo tutorials or something.
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    What is also key is the actual text of the link. You want the keywords that you are trying to rank in the text of the link itself.
    It is okay to contact me! I have been developing software since 1999, creating many popular products like phpLD.
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    However, if the dogtrainingisgood.com is a low rated site, the link won't do you a lot of good. I have dozens of links from small, personal websites to one of my aviation sites, and Google doesn't even show them as links to me. It only shows links from the "bigger" sites. Frustrating isn't it?

    I managed to get two of my newer aviation sites on the first page of Google for its keywords in a week with virtually no links coming in. This was all done with text in the site itself (each site has about 10 pages).
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    I think what you have to try and do, is get as many links as you can from as high a ranking websites as you can get. Go for sites with a page rank of say 4 or more. Unless your site is a PR 4 its self, then you would go for more than a PR 4 in order to get yourself a better ranking.
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      SEO is so complicated and even the experts are learning more and more about it everyday... My suggestion to you is to try the free 7 day tutorial on "Word Tracker" and watch the 7 videos.

      These videos are free - I forgot which day it was but it goes over how to optimize your web page for search engines.

      I hope those videos help you out!
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