The most exciting email to receive for me "Notification of Payment Received"

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Every morning, I wake up, I look forward to seeing the gmail notifier icon turns blue!
It never fails me for the past 3 days.

I'm grateful that the product we are launching is selling and most importantly, it is going to benefit many many students.

I just want to use my experience to share with all newbies out there to hold tight to your belief that what you think might be trivial to yourself might be really helpful to somebody out there.

We are in the non-IM niche but we apply the IM techniques and strategies. And guess what it works!!!

Let me share with you the flow (It aint rocket science, btw I did some modelling from people who I buy from)

- Opt in page (No selling pls, provide a Quality free report with links to sales page)
- Thank you page (with instructions for them to verify email + include salespage link at the bottom)

What I use to sell our product

-my copywriting skills
- ebook cover (By Semmy - Warrior-Excellent! Value for $)

The truth:

You must be someone credible first. We have close to 1000 subscribers since last year this time. (Not many but you must get it started)

We take time to blog on our niche CONSISTENTLY (With one main purpose: to value add, we derive joy when we received comments. Yes and a little adsense money to cover our domain, hosting,aweber but the main thing is TO VALUE ADD)

When your readers know that you are sincere, they are more willing to buy your product.

There are really no hidden secrets but just follow what other successful marketers are doing. Well, if you are new, like us, start it simple. We did not have fanciful tools to help us. Simple is the element for us. Get your energy up! Things get improved.

For example, I have been following Frank Kern - Mass Control lately. I was awed by the way he writes his copy. I learnt and applied it and TEST it for my own audience.

I follow his follow up messages and pick up the things I as a subscriber love. I learnt and applied it and TEST it for my own audience.

So want to know my secret of selling at least 3 copies a day? (yes, only 3 now but it's the first launch of our combined effort, millions start with '1', isn't it? )


PS: If you want to see the page, it's here
Up Your Chemistry Grades Now! Secrets To Scoring As in 'O' Level Chemistry Revealed
(For 13 - 17 years old Chemistry students)

If you have suggestions to Up the number of students who can benefit from our product, I would love to hear it!
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