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Hey guys and girls,

I'm looking for someone or for a company that can help me get and manage joint venture deals for 20-30% commission per sale + extra benefits when successful.

I'm in the dating advice products niche market and I've done all the homework: I've got a list with 100+ JV candidates. Not only that, I've also got a list with JV candidates of related markets that my own market is interested in and, when we play our cards right, we could end up becoming the "toll gate" for those 100+ candidates in my market by letting them sign up for all those related products so we'll earn 2nd tier commissions.

All I need is a JV manager that wants 20-30% commission a sale + extra benefits and for him to contact and close the deal with the people and companies on list I've already created for him/her.

Now, I don't know if you can do this for me but whatever's the case I really really hope you can help this eager merchant and point him in the right direction. Because don't ask me why, but I've done all activities for my business completely on my own so far... which makes me a total newbie when it comes to affiliates haha!

I've been reading up, joined paydotcom, clickbank, click2sell but I know the big business is in JV deals.

I would really appreciate any tips, ideas, and even more so: when you or a member of your staff is the right man (or woman) for the job!

You can reach me via PM or email (just ask for it) but when you want to discuss things over the phone just let me know. Minor warning: I'm from the Netherlands, so making a phone call costs a little more than usual haha!

Who can help me out? Thank you in advance!

Eagerly awaiting your reply,

Dennis Miedema
CEO of Win With Women

P.S. was referred to abestweb.com but paying 250 bucks just to say im looking for a jv manager isn't exactly what I want with my level of experience...
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