What steps am I missing for sales page launch?

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Hi, I need help determining the steps that remain to get a website up and running, given that I have all the individual pieces needed on the site ready. The site will sell a PDF download and have an opt in pop under to solicit email addresses in return for a free report. The webpage will have a flash video as part of it. The webpage is ready to be uploaded to the host and I have the domain name plus I have google analytics installed on it. So here are the remaining issues:

I am going with paypal for the shopping cart and merchant account, so other than signing on with them and adding their software to the site is there anything I need to do there?
I have the product for the download sale in pdf format. I assume I need to get this into the shopping cart system, but I do not know what is required given that I am going with paypal. Can anyone tell me what to do there?

I need a single confirmation opt in provided for the pop under, so once I pick one and install their software on the site is there anything I need to do there?

Do I need any kind of auto responder that is not part of the opt in supplier or the paypal process? I plan to send out emails on a weekly basis to people that sign up for the free reports so I am not sure if the opt in supplier will enable me to do this.

And lastly I need to put the site up.

So can anyone tell me if there are some steps I am missing? Thanks so much for your help.

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    I am confused about your traffic funnel.

    Customer comes to your squeeze page, and you just want them to be able to click a payment button, pay for the product, be directed to the download?

    And then you want to ensure they are on your list?

    Or do you want them to go to the squeeze page, sign up for a list, and then be directed to a sales page?

    You can create a payment button in paypal that will automatically direct your buyer to a download page.

    If you are looking for a more secure delivery, you can upload your ebook to ejunkie.

    You can also put an autoresponder form on the download page and tell your new customer to sign up so they will get free updates to the product.
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    If you're just using Paypal and you're just selling a single item then you don't need to worry about the cart. There is a single item payment option you can use. Then all you need is to set up a thank you/download page.

    It's a good idea to use something like DLGuard for your download page as it'll produce a dynamic download link making it impossible for your link to be shared.

    Use double opt-in, it'll give you a higher quality list with far less chance of being accused of spamming.

    For an auto-responder either of the big two, Aweber or Getresponse will do all you need. Both will generate the code you need for the opt-in box.

    The most obvious thing you're missing is a back-end. That is, having something else to sell, preferably right after the customer's paid for your PDF. If you don't have another product consider finding something relevant with an affiliate program.

    Also, you could join Clickbank or Paydotcom yourself. This gives other marketers an easy opportunity to sell your product for you.

    Andrew Gould

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    Adding an auto responder will be great. You can design a complete sales funnel instead of putting the product link directly on the page.
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    The best way to find out what steps you're missing to to visit your site, subscribe, buy, download, and consume, just the way a customer would. It'll be pretty obvious if there's a step missing, or if you've overlooked something.

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