Tracking and Analytics - A Better Way?

by R.Rapp
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Hi all,

I feel like I'm missing something obvious here, so I thought I would take a moment to gather some other opinions - sometimes you cant see the forest through the trees and all.

So this company I am working for needs to track the source of free trial downloads (adwords, referral, organic, etc). They want this integrated with the CRM system they are using. The problem is their free trial form is extremely long and tedious (not good for a landing page) - so for their landing page decided to make a smaller form in aweber that simply "requests more info" then they are mailed more information and a link to the larger form. Then they are sent a series of follow ups until they sign up - which will remove them from that aweber list.

Now I know that on the larger form I can put some url referral tracking that would populate the proper fields in their CRM upon submitting the form...however they want this landing page used for everything (not just adwords) so really - all referral urls in here will be the same once they get to the large form. Making sense?

So the only way I can think to get around this would be to have pretty much the same landing page, but each with a different form that links to a different list in aweber (adwords, organic, etc) and change the link in those follow up emails to reference the proper source. This will result in a couple different variations of the same landing page though, which is a hassle if you ever want to update anything.

It seems like there is a better way to use this entire process and track everything thoroughly....suggestions?
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