How Do I Get Off An Email List?

by vicone
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Yes, I know the obvious answer to unwanted emails is to click the unsubscribe link which appears at the bottom of most emails. However, what if there is NO unsubscribe link?

Do you think there might be a physical address indicated? No way!

For months I've been trying to get off the NicheRockets list which sends frequent emails from a gmail address.

Sometimes it disappears for a while and then reappears.

I've tried replying and adding a message to the reply, requesting I be unsubscribed. I receive another message which says "thank you for subscribing".

I've tried replying and changing the subject line. Still they come.

Blacklisting it may work but I don't want to eliminate all email from gmail. Sometimes it isn't spam.

Any suggestions?

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    Wow I wish I knew, there are a couple of these that I have been trying to figure out how to get off their list. Talk about breaking all the rules with email marketing. I usually try to look for a contact us link or something like that. Please let me know if you have any success.
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  • Use Yahoo mail for lists. Then redirect to spam folder. Works great.
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      For GMAIL

      1. Click the "More" Tab on the Top.

      2. Choose the Filter

      3. Then You can select the incoming email address for the emails being sent by Niche Rockets

      4. Then Choose Next

      5. On that screen you can select to automatically delete any incoming messages from Niche Rockets

      If you have any questions feel free to ask. I would be happy to create at you a short walk through video to show you the steps.
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    You could look up the NicheRockets website in WhoIs and find the admin and send them an email letting them know if they don't stop spamming you you're going to file a complaint with their web host. Most website owners don't want people complaining to the web host. If they continue, complain to their host this domain is spamming and refused to remove you from their mailing list. If that doesn't work you look up the hosts bandwidth provider and complain to them that one of their hosts is allowing spammers to use their hosting. Include a copy of that to the spammers host. I'm betting you'll stop getting those emails.

    Just when you think you've got it all figured out, someone changes the rules.

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    Everything Dennis said except skip the whois . Theye are purposely holding your email hostage or they would offer the easy method of unsubscribe demanded by can spam.

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    I use hotmail and that allows me if I follow the Options link to paste the offending email address in my list of 'blocked senders'. It works for all emails except just one I must admit but there tends to be an exception to most things.. .I'm thinking every email provider must have provision for blocking as required.
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      I don't think blocking the email address will block all mail from
      All you're really doing is blocking that particular person.

      I've blocked tons of mail from free accounts and I still get it from other people.

      Is the email coming from the person who is actually selling that program, or is this an affiliate? If it's an affiliate, the product owner can certainly do something about it.

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    yes... redirect to your spam folder... unwanted emails can be a major frustration... or contact the administrator with your request to be removed...
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    I also get all that in my email. If you happen to find a solution please post it here.
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