Just wanna share this site - it has LIVE persons testing your site

by smak
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Just wanna share this site I came across which is a bit of a eye-opener for me.


Ok what they do is if u become their client, they will get one of their tester to record themselves live whilst analysing your site. The job of tester is basically to provide his 'experience' of your site which u can use as valuable feedback. So while he is shown browsing through your site, you will hear him making comments as a site visitor like his first impressions, his likes and dislikes about the site look, design and copy.

They provide one free sample test to check their service.i opted for it and got results. However because the girl who was used as tester for analysing my site seemed to have no kn owledge of direct response copy sites, her assessment of my site was very bleak and negative to say the least. So be ready for some harsh feedback if u submit your site as sample.
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    Why not just ask people on here to do that? Or your friends on Facebook/Twitter? I see what they are doing here and it is great but I am not sure I would pay for a service like this.
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      First test is free as sample of their service.

      The thing about getting it analysed by one of their tester is that it is completely random and assesed by just your 'average internet user' type.

      As mentioned the results I got was someone testing who definitely is not my target market because my type site just seem to freak her out. However I think with their paid service, as a client u can select what demographic/character of your tester so that if most fits your market. But I just found it hillarious someone commenting on my site whilst browsing and got me thinking that there are many out there who just want give 'Make money online' site a chance and browse away immediately.

      Yes I would defintiely not pay for this service.
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      Why not just ask people on here to do that? Or your friends on Facebook/Twitter? I see what they are doing here and it is great but I am not sure I would pay for a service like this.
      Depends... if these guys are 'industry' quality testers (which I don't know, haven't looked at the site in depth), it can have a lot of value... they will tell you things like load times, browser compatibility issues, color schemes, etc, etc whereas a friend might just say 'ooh looks nice, good job'...

      If these guys do have quality testing, then it may be worth it...
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        I think most guys on here with a few spare minutes would be happy to help you just ask?
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      Originally Posted by Raygun View Post

      Why not just ask people on here to do that?
      I asked for people to help test my site and my threads get deleted as self-promotion. I was also informed that you aren't allowed to ask for that type of assistance.

      Thanks for the link, I'll check it out. Although not sure getting a random tester who knows nothing about what I'm trying to accomplish will help.
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      So I guess I'll be the first to mention the 'not so hidden' simple arbitrage business model presented here for your analysis.

      a) Come up with a service that is 1) easy for the outsourced person to complete 2) useful to the paying customer

      b) get an idiot-proof application created for the outsourced person to download (if required)

      c) establish all selling points to the paying customer, then get your legal/privacy ducks in a row, while looking for potential loopholes where you might get ripped off by the outsourced person - then close them off

      d) come up with ways to promote the service - perhaps use CPA or affiliates with 'make money by surfing the net (simply viewing and reviewing websites)' - you might even put it on mturk or something like that

      e) create the site, make sure the server requirements are covered

      Anything else?

      I'm not sure whether this particular idea has enough benefits for the paying customer, but it's certainly an interesting concept that could spark similar ideas for observers - if you could come up with a twist that meant that the service provided for the paying customer was in great demand AND you could somehow 'own' the market so that others with deeper pockets couldn't steam in and wipe you out once you get noticed, then you could have a winner.

      Compete stats - not so hot - but it shows where the traffic comes from -

      java.com, facebook, homejobstop.com, homeworkersnet.com

      And it shows the main keywords used to find the site.

      Still, an interesting concept - cheers Smak.


      Compete stats for the two WAH sites mentioned above

      Roger Davis

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      Hi Traffic-bug,

      From the site you linked to -

      Maintenance Failed!: It turns out our new server was not quite ready for us, so we're stuck here for another week. Please feel free to laugh at us at EMAIL ADDRESS. We'll be attempting to migrate again this weekend - Friday 12th till Sunday night.
      Looks like at least one of my above points was valid (e)


      Roger Davis

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        Interesting idea...I would like to start this type of service, how would one go about it. I would do it for a fair price.


        Warning: This Writer might actually make you money! Interested....PM me with details.

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