Do we have an obligation to go "offline"?

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"His website SUCKED."

The back story...

I have a friend who is a retired Marine. Sgt. Klay South. He was injured in combat and now spends his time and energy making sure that LITERALLY EVERY seriously injured soldier that comes home gets taken good care of.

This guy has the attention of VIP's around the world. He's been on CNN, Fox News, all the morning news shows in the U.S. etc. Generals, Senators and VIP's know him by name.

In my book he's an American hero but that's not the point of this post.

Like I said...his website SUCKED.

I told him it sucked and what to do with it. We are cleaning it up step at a time. We are both busy guys.

Example of how bad it was:

If you wanted to donate $20 to his charity it was a 12 step process to register, add the dollar amount to your shopping cart, set up an account, log in, find the cart again, check out, enter your credit card...UGLY! He didn't know what he wanted out of his site so he wound up paying for a site with a ton of bells and whistles that never get used.
Now he has a simple one step paypal donate button. (His donors don't need to have a paypal account to use it.)

NO email marketing

An easy to remember name on a tight squeeze page that gets him email leads that feed into aweber. That's something to mention the next time he's on the major news networks don't you think?

I could have said nothing.

I could sit back and work on my adsense campaigns and conversion rates for my own biz, but you know what? The world needs what we've got...and in most cases they are willing to pay for it because it's valuable knowledge. I'm not charging Klay a dime, but it's already coming back to me anyway (not just in good feelings either).

I'm sure there are a few "Klay South's" in your town. Take 'em on. The stuff we do in our sleep can be a world changer for them.

I've had businesses flying at me faster than I can take care of them because I made what I thought was the mistake of letting myself be known locally as "the guy that makes websites that actually work".

Now it's starting to turn into a huge opportunity for me.

Get out there - there's stuff happening behind your monitor that you should be seeing...
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    Do we have an obligation to go "offline"?
    Obligation? Not in the least. Opportunity, yes, but obligation - huh?
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    Most of the web designers in my area suck too.

    Sure, they create pretty websites, but they don't create websites that
    produce trackable results.

    It's shocking the amount that local web designers with no internet marketing
    experience charge for pretty but poor performing sites.

    Unfortunately, many offline business owners don't know any better either.

    However, there is a vast potential out there just waiting to be tapped.

    So take your internet marketing expertise and prevent business owners
    from being ripped-off by inept web designers.

    Best wishes,



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