Would you find an action plans for IM useful?

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Hey warriors, I'm actually doing little research right now and the trends say yes, people love action plans, but I wanna know how you guys feel about action plans/blueprints?

Could an action plan drawn out on paper for you in a step by step fashion help you better perform IM related tasks? How do you feel about action plans and flowcharts as a teaching tool and/or used as a tutorial?

Any and all input from fellow warriors is greatly appreciated, thanks!

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    An action plan is always helpful, but if you wanted to SELL something you need much more than just an action plan: You need to package it into a SYSTEM that gets you from A -> B. An action plan will then be merely part of this system.
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    I always use action plans/checklists/blueprints - they help focus the mind and encourage people to take action
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    Planning in general is an important strategic process. Too many people fail to plan and then finish on the plate. A plan can be used anywhere --- individuals, businesses and communities. There are different plans for each entity, for example, a person can develop an action plan, a company needs a business plan, a community can create an action plan of the community and an organization could have a strategic plan.
    These four steps really help:

    • Developing clear goals and objectives
    • Setting action steps for your goals
    • Having a responsible party
    • Setting time frames
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      thanks for your input so far guys I really do appreciate it!

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    Yes an action is very good.

    I am including this in my IM Crunch members site, however I think that within a action plan, there has to be some room for movements and creativity.

    Example of what I am doing - I am creating a action plan for researching the industry you want to get into. Answering 3 questions; how you will monetize website, what content and how to market. Now in this action place, leave room for letting people to move where they need to to answer these questions. So I think that you need to have room to dabble withing a set action plan.

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      I'm off for awhile guys but please, keep your input coming and if you have an extra minute please take the poll if you wouldn't mind! Thanks a lot everyone!


      2017... Will it be YOUR year??

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