Use download guard to protect from being ripped off?

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Hi, Does anyone have an opinion on products like download guard that make it hard for people to do multiple downloads of a paid item? This is supposed to protect you from people sharing your download links for paid products. Some people say it is great, others say it just makes it harder for honest customers to download your product while still allowing dishonest customers to share your paid product with others. OK, thanks, Ed.
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    Hi Ed

    Use the search function and check the product review section of the forum.
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      Thanks Kevin, I am more interested in feedback on the products that protect against rip offs in general than one specific item. There are a number of products in the category and I want to know if they are worth the expense and hassle that customers have. Thanks again, Ed.
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    Hi Ed,

    I'm Sam Stephens, the owner/developer of DLGuard, so I'm happy to share any info about DLGuard that you're interested in.

    Just to clarify, you mentioned "Some people say it is great, others say it just makes it harder for honest customers to download your product".

    DLGuard is designed to make the customer sales and download processor smooth and hassel free.

    It doesn't have the extra steps that some systems impose. It's designed to create a seamless experience for the user.

    Often it'll give your customer a better experience than NOT using a download management system.

    That's the measure of a good system - when YOUR customers are enjoying the experience.

    Marlon Sanders, internet business legend said this about buying products through DLGuard:

    Sam, I've bought a LOT of products that were delivered with your DLGuard. The delivery went smoothly and professionally in every case.

    Congratulations on your "trick" software.

    Marlon Sanders
    - Sell products -- How to Sell Products Online

    Michael Shook from PerfectLinking found the same:

    Anytime I have purchased something from a site using DLG, the process has been seamlessly easy, the emails always show up in my box, my download link works and its fast.

    Michael Shook,
    (I just noticed Michael's website seems to be down)

    So to tackle the issue about making it harder for customers to download, DLGuard has the opposite effect. Not only does it make it easier for you to list, modify, and sell your products, it makes it easier for YOUR customers too.

    It gives your business a professional image, and customer perception is what'll make or break your business.

    I hope this helps!

    Let me know if you'd like me to clarify anything, I'm happy to do so!

    DLGuard v5 - The Warrior Edition
    Full integration with JVZoo, DigiResults, and WSO Pro for secure WSO's and WSO memberships.
    Serving the Warrior Forum since 2004
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    Nothing could be further from the truth that it makes it harder for your customers to download products. Not only does it help protect your products, but it makes selling online a breeze. I wouldn't do without it.
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    Be honest here.
    If people want to steal and share your program they will.
    It is difficult to do anything about that.

    Sharing ebooks is very very easy.
    Software too, but can be protected, mine has never been shared, but i can tell you that the "BEST" programs out there are shared.

    Software is best to let it run on a server.
    Harder to crack, if done right impossible.

    There are soooooo many forums, stealers, leechers out there.
    If you just knew.


    Do NOT focus on them!
    Focus on the people that are honest and buy your product.
    Forget about the stealers.

    Go on with your business and you will be fine.

    If DLGuard helps a bit and it is worth the price then go with that.
    Just remember that if people are interested and want to share it, it will be done!


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