Should a Video/DVD be an Upsell, or the Main Product?

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I'm reworking my business and my digital products, and lately I've started turning some of my eBooks into videos, as well as being on DVD's. (These are professionally edited, and filmed with professional equipment)

Now, should I sell my eBook as my main product, and then offer the DVD as an upsell, or maybe a direct download to the video. Maybe I can offer both the download link to the video and send them out a DVD as well? Or should I sell my DVD/Download Link as the main product, and THEN offer my eBook as an upsell?
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  • I usually offer the physical DVD upgrade for free (they only pay few extra bucks for the shipping). I think it's a nice touch to your customers and it helps building your branding.

    I've always believed that upsells should offer greater content, not greater media support.
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    Try them all and see what work best. Ask your customers and subscribers.

    Nobody will tell you better than them.

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    The best answer is to test.

    No simple answer to that really, try them all and one of them will make more money...when I was marketing my own products I had better success selling the physical products on the front end (conversions were always better for me) and then the upsell was digital.

    Nice thing was it increased perceived value and the upsells cost me nothing.

    But I see successful campaigns running the other way too.
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      It seems to me that if your video is professionally done it will have a higher value, apart from the fact that videos in themselves are perceived to be of higher value. This tells me that the upsell should be the video on DVD and the ebook as your main product.

      For a freebie, perhaps you could put together a shorter video that still offers value.

      It's hard to imagine that someone would expect to pay more for an ebook than for a video. But it depends on the length, the topic and the type of information provided.

      Educational videos with a lot of instruction would be worth more than a video of you or an actor talking into the camera and showing off a few slides. If that topic is in depth and in a field that requires considerable expert training, it will be ever higher in value.

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    Great topic,

    I have been wondering the same thing about my own products.

    How to promote them is giving me headaches but I am leaning more towards using the media as an upsell but only if it is seen as extra information not just the same information reformatted.

    Spluit Test, test and test again!
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    I always believe in "TEST IT. NEVER ASSUME" principle. But, in your case, I think we can say that eBook + DVD/Video as upsell is a better approach. No matter what, videos always have a higher perceived value. So, it's a more logical to put it as an upsell than an eBook.
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