Urgent! Paypal ID Verification - Anyone got this?

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I received an email from Paypal about going to my account and resolve this.

THere wasn't any link on the email.
When I login to my account, I was brought directly to the resolution page asking me to upload my photo ID and copy of address for verification;

Now maybe I'm just paranoid but one cannot be too careful these days.. especially when it comes to things like Paypal account.

I'm wondering if this is legit and normal. Has anyone ever had this from Paypal before?

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    I've not had a request for photo ID, but security checks like this are not uncommon.

    As long as you're confident that you're on their legitimate site, you need to jump through their hoops. Bit of a PITA but it's there to protect you and your customers.

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    Yeah I know what you mean Peter, I guess I just want to be cautious especially after hearing lots of scams and stuff .. If anyone else have any experiences or know about the above, would really appreciate your help and clarification that this is a legit move by Paypal.

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    I see PayPal has restriced withdrawals to $500 per month unless you provide them with your social security number.

    You can send any amount of money to anyone or buy thousands of dollars worth of merchandise through paypal, but you can't have yoru money. A great way for PayPal to keep the money in their system.

    They really need to be regulated like all the other financial institutions.

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    I got one just last month asking me to verify my personal details. I gave them the required documents in the form of scans and had my account back in apple pie order within a few hours. So yeah, this is legit.

    ~ Sirius
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