How can you turn MLM prospects --> Internet Marketing Prospects

by LMC
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Hello Warriors,

I have about 25,000 mlm subscribers on an old list from 3 years ago.

I mailed out to them 6 months ago and saw about a 10% click rate

I want to convert these individuals to the Internet Marketing Mindset, and my

question is, how would you do that?
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    You know what they need so give it too them.

    They need help getting leads, building capture pages, writing and sales.

    Offer help and solve their immediate problems first and then they are very likely to follow you and go where you lead them.

    Are you trying to get them to buy products and services or are you trying to "convert" them away from MLM or get them to sharpen up their IM skills to help promote their MLM and add extra revenue streams?

    Doesn't matter what the market or set of leads, offer value and solve their problems.

    If you're trying to "rescue" them from MLM I'd say take baby steps.

    1. How to get more leads using your own squeeze pages and YouTube.
    2. How to follow up.
    3. How to build trust.
    4. How to create a funded proposal.
    5. ...

    11. You've just created an MLM indendent Internet accident...rinse and repeat...
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    Nikki hit that nail on the head here, you want to build up their trust and also figure out what it is that they need. Take your time and help them solve a problem they are having. You shouldn't have any trouble with a list that big.
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    I appreciate your advice and points...

    The only problem is I want to funnel them into a specific marketplace, and that is into running an online business that does not involve MLM. That involves building their own product, etc, etc...
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      Originally Posted by LMC View Post

      I appreciate your advice and points...

      The only problem is I want to funnel them into a specific marketplace, and that is into running an online business that does not involve MLM. That involves building their own product, etc, etc...
      Yep, I'd still say baby steps here. Take a slightly longer term view and build your sales funnel to get them there in the end.

      What problem does your end solution fix? If you can find ones that start at helping them in their current business and then moves them towards your end goal that would be perfect.

      Otherwise you're stuck with sending them more conventional promotional material. Still got to find the itches that they need scratched.

      They are tired of rejection, cold calling, ineffctive marketing advice from an upline that aren't making money either, they hate the criticism and lack of support from friends and family. Many MLM'ers are program hopping and they've been built up and shot down over and over again.

      Start fixing those things for them and they'll love you for it even if eventually it takes them away from MLM.

      Also think about what they like about MLM. The "turn key" nature, the community and social side, the power of leverage etc. Let them know that those same things exist outside of MLM to ease the journey.
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    The usual advice I hear from warriors here is to send them a lot of freebies and
    let them warm up to you.

    Maybe several free ebooks on making money online or generating more traffic
    would suffice, after all they joined the mlm because they want to make money.

    I've got a large leads list too from an MLMer though I haven't tapped it till now. I'm scared that since I just let the list sleep for a year now I might get some complaints once I email them with offers.

    Do give us some feedback if you can re: your progress with this. It would be nice to hear it.

    All the best,
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      I think you can send them emails (that contains links to freebies), as long as it doesn't sounds or feels spammy. I mean, don't put "FREE VIDEOS REVEAL..." as your subject line, like what we get used to in the internet marketing niche.

      Just treat them as friends who you want to help. So, your subject line might be something like this "HEY, <MARK>, I JUST FOUND THIS COOL STUFF", etc.

      Hope this helps...
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    My business partner and I have a similar problem in that we have a list that was generated in an IT related niche by one of our business partners. How do we mail this list without being accused of SPAMMING?
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    Create a couple of videos that educate them on the importance of internet marketing, how it will make them money, how easy it is...

    Then you can start promoting internet marketing related stuff to them.

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    A few years ago I got involved with a couple of MLMs and the biggest draw back for me was there was really no education on how to market properly. Sure there were tools to use but with no specific instructions on how to use them properly.

    I don't think it would be to hard to change their mindset for the simple reason that most of the people who join MLMs are looking for a better way to create income.

    My Brother Joined a MLM and after a year of doing the same things that his up-line sponsors were teaching him he was only producing $100 a month in income. 6 months later that income stopped because his downline was producing less than he was. The time and effort needed to produce that measly amount wasn't worth it.

    I'm not saying you can't make money in MLM but I believe that the opportunity is much greater in the IM world.

    I know that if you imparted your knowledge to this list and showed them a better way that they would follow.
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    I personally wouldn't spend too much time on this list. It's old and not fresh.

    What I would do though is get them to unsubscribe so that the list becomes warm again and more targeted.

    To do this, send them email broadcasts or put them in a sequence and test the results. Also bear in mind that their email address may be old so they may not actually receive the email.

    You could also take the honest approach and say that you're updating your records. You're putting together a free course (or something of value) within the MLM industry, are they still interested. If not, actually ask them to unsubscribe. I know that this may sound risky but you have a large list, but 3 years within MLM can be a looong time. Most people give up and have gone back to a job etc.

    Good luck.

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