A neat trick

by Anup Mahajan 12 replies
Here's a nice trick that I came across this morning.. Many of you might be aware of it but it was new for me.

Today I got an email from Mike Filsaime promoting Frank Kern's new Mass Control video

The URL in the mail was (ignore the spaces)

http:// www-masscontrol . com/

(That's Mike's affiliate link)

I was wondering how there's a "www-" instead of "www." in the URL

Then it struck me.. "www-" was part of the URL itself.

So the complete URL was (ignore the spaces)

www . www-masscontrol . com

I think it's a neat trick to register a domain like "www-productname.com" and send your subscribers to


What is your opinion on this? It must be effective enough for Mike to use it.

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