Help Requested: How Would You Sell This Mess?

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John Fakename started experimenting with Bum Marketing in January, 2007.

He bought a .INFO domain and created landing pages for the various products he planned to promote. He bought another .INFO domain to promote a different pair of products.

He wrote gobs of articles distributed them to and elsewhere with those links in place. He used the same EZA account with several different pen names (one per niche). By EZA standards, they're damn good articles, though many of the resource boxes were less than ideal. There's been some effort to build backlinks to some of the articles, but nothing substantial.

Being a true lazy "bum," he didn't install any good analytics--any traffic information would need to come from the host referral logs.

He does, however, have all of the Clickbank data which shows earnings of approximately $2,000 per year. That number didn't dip in 2009.

Now, he'd like to divest himself. He'd like to sell the whole mess for the most he can possibly get. The weekly Clickbank earnings are nice, but he'd like to get a bigger chunk of cash all at once for his own reasons.

He won't violate EZA's TOS by selling the his EZA account. He would, however, freely agree to stop publishing any articles there and would allow the buyer to "lock him out" by changing the password, etc. ;-)

All additional rights to the 500+ articles would go to the buyer. Of course, these articles are all over the 'Net already, so that's not really the biggest deal in the world...

So... How would you recommend that he try to sell this mess?

More specifically, what do you think the "bundle" is worth? What would a potential buyer need to see to make an offer? This isn't your standard Flippa site-flip, so where would you recommend he try to sell this? Any other ideas?

I know that you folks will come up with some great tips and ideas. Thanks in advance!
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    This all becomes a bit cluttered when you don't start it off in the right direction.

    And it's not your fault - for real this time, lol - that typical sales letter pitch is actually somewhat true here.

    If you get into niche marketing with a bunch of little properties and affiliate things, you are told to go ahead and use pen names, but no one tells you, "oh wait, if you are going to sell this site down the road here is what you need to use separate email accounts for and here is what you should be keeping track of."

    So basically, you are just looking to raise some quick capital - or is it really important that you make money flipping what you have set up?

    Any way to just let it finish living it's own life out and take what ever commissions continue to roll in?

    I have no idea what the sites/domains are worth. Perhaps look for an evaluation site:

    Website Worth Calculator >> Calculate your website value !!!

    Will supposedly tell you what the domain is worth.

    As for the value of the sites, perhaps if they are making 2g per year you can get an additional 2g? I don't really know.

    "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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      put a featured listing on eBay

      Promote it like mad.

      Add tons of bonuses to push the price up to a couple of grands.

      Keep the cash for future investments.


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    If you can prove 2k per year in sales, you should be able to get 5k for it.

    The big thing is proving the annual sales.
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      Yeah, in the long-term the better idea is to just let things keep humming along... However, there is a strong desire for immediate capital in this case.

      Substantiating sales is the "end all" issue, really, isn't it? The only way to do that is to show the Clickbank screens/provide access to them. There's no issue in that respect...

      I think that the bundle would be worth $5k if it was a cleaner situation--a single good site, etc. Under the circumstances, I doubt that's happening. I could be wrong, though.

      Thanks for the input so far... Anyone else?
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    So, the whole big mess is earning money on autopilot, right?

    And, it's basically 2 .info domains but then all the articles etc... that you have done will remain with the links intact.

    Sounds like something a lot of folks would be interested in. I'm not sure about 5K but I would think somewhere between 2K and 5K. It probably depends on if the buyer thinks he or she can easily improve rankings/earnings.

    I think your best bet for a friendly audience would be to list it right here in the websites for sale section. Just describe what you described in your OP and add in any proof of earnings and the domains (or people could PM you if you want them to be secret).

    If I had extra money I know I would be interested ..... but the tax man cometh soon, so I don't have any extra to play with

    Gone Fishing
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      I feel stupid now. I didn't even think about the "sites for sale" section here. I know it probably seems like it's been around forever to some of you, but it's still seems new to me. I'll check it out.

      And I think you're right re: the numbers... Five seems upper-end to me.
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