Keyword Promotion Quandry

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What would you do?

I use article marketing for all my promotions and this morning while doing some research for a new campaign, I happened upon a long-tail, 3-word phrase where one of the words is misspelled.

MicroNicheFinder reports 700+ monthly searches with a zero for strength of competition.

In the past, when I used PPC I would have added this phrase to my bids instantly, but what should I do in article marketing?

If I use this phrase in articles is it going to make me look like an idiot who can't spell and thus reflect upon my credibility? Will EZineArticles reject it because of this misspelling?

Your thoughts would be appreciated
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    I tend to stay away from mis-spellings because I don't want it to reflect on my product and thus my credibility. So yeah, I'd stay away.
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  • Since there is no competition, you can probably rank easily by just adding the misspelling on your page (say something like, "keyword, also misspelled"), as well as some tags (if you are using a blog)

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