The EXACT Headline-Formula I use to get massive clicks from DIGG

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okay, since you're currently reading this, i assume you clicked on this thread's title.
so.. what made you click? ..let's dissect it:

this one sentence incorporates 4 key-elements.

1) what's my offer?

..obviously some kind of formula that you can implement immediately.
(notice: i didn't mention the word "immediately" in the headline but in most peoples minds,
"formula" equals "a+b=c" equals "immediate results")

2) what's in it for you, the reader/customer? get massive traffic - now tell me, ain't that exactly what you want/need?

3) why trust me?

..i told you i get this traffic from digg, which is widely recognized as an authority-site.
when you read the word "digg", it's no more about me or my headline-formula..
your brain links "digg" with "authority" with "trust".

4) what's the risk & how much does it cost?

..since this is a forum, there simply IS no risk.
there's nothing to lose - you know the info is free and the only thing you risk is
missing out on a great opportunity. that's why you clicked.

oh well, that's it for today - have a great time!

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