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Hi folks, I'm new here. I ran into a problem creating my first blog. When I added the featured container at the top of my blog, it pushed my right sidebar down. I imagine it is an easy fix, but I'm just learning. I know from reading the forum that some of you are experts. Any help you can provide will go to helping another starving retired military guy.

I guess I can't post the link to my blog, so then I guess I just give you the name of the blog which is the domain name. freebiessamplesandtrials

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    I see what you mean, Tom,

    It is also overlapping the title of your first post.

    These things can be tricky. Sometimes there are peculiarities in theme code that may or may not be addressed in the help file that accompanies the theme.

    Assuming that you haven't messed with any of the CSS files yourself thus far, I'd check the readme/help file, and also check to see if there's a support forum for the theme.

    Sometimes sidebar problems can be masked by widgetizing the content there, but it can be more of a workaround than a solution.

    On occasion I've hunted through the theme css or php files in theme editor, and tweaked things a bit, but it's risky doing it that way, especially for someone like me who doesn't know php.

    Sorry I don't have a canned solution to offer you - if it were me, I'd check the readme, the theme settings, and theme support.

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    Your going to have to play around with where you are inserting the code, that is the life of customising wordpress

    I would help if i had access
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    I'm gonna ask a dumb question here... Did you try and take out the "featured container" and see if it returned to normal? It looks like, for some reason, that the left sidebar is over the right sidebar. Did you alter the template or just install a widget?
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    Thanks for prompt responses folks.

    tbunch it's not a widget, but this is the code I inserted for the "featured container". When I remove it, everything returns to normal. Since I'm too new to add links in the forum, I just created a page on my blob titled "script", where you can see the code I removed for the "featured container". Perhaps one of you fine peeps can see what's causing the shift, you know what they say...SHIFT HAPPENS!:rolleyes:
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