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Hello all... I have some ideas that I want to make into some videos. What software are you using so the screen capture and what not. Any other proggies and tips are also welcomed
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    Camtastia is awesome for recording the screen.

    There's a free alternative called Camstudio (I think).

    Using both camtasia and sony vegas can produce fantastic results, but even just camtasia on its own will give you enough to start with.
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  • Hello
    Your computer might have "Windows Media Maker" built into it. This is a great video editing program.
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      Camatasia -- PC & MAC
      Screen Flow-- Mac
      Cam Studio--PC (free)
      Adobe Captivate--$$ PC & MAC (in beta)
      Jing-- PC & MAC

      If you're just doing simple screen capture and have a PC (or a MAC with an emulator) CamStudio will do fine.

      Camtasia and Screen Flow are very good programs that allow you to do a variety of things.

      Adobe Captivate is the most feature rich but might be overkill for what you'll eventually be doing.

      The good thing is that they all give you a free thirty day trial (eventhough screenflow watermarks the video) so you can try them and figure out which one works for you.

      Just so you know there are others programs out there but IMO you can't go wrong with the ones listed.

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    I use camtasia for mac for screen capture. For regular old slideshow type videos I use iMovie.

    I have been thinking about trying out screenflow, though. The videos seem much better looking.
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    Having a media fire and youtube downloader could also help to make your video looks better for advertising.
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    I suggest you for the best of all time and it is the only one program "Window Movie Maker" which can produce some great videos without much tech effort..
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    Camtasia is okay
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    Wow... sorry for the late replies as I have been away, but wow thanks. Some good info here. I have a chance to use the adobe captivate training cd's so I'll try the Adobe Captivate try-out and go from there.

    Out side of just capturing... what else do you guys use... powerpoint as well?
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      Camtasia for screen capture

      Final cut pro for editing
      After Effects for special effects
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    Someone mentioned Jing you can find it at Jing | Add visuals to your online conversations
    it's free but limited to 5 min per session.

    With all the ADD floating on the web keeping it short is better anyway.


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    Camtastia is wonderful and I love it! i highly recommend it. Don't go for the free ones.. as you can see a huge difference between the two.

    Anyway... enjoy

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    I use Camtasia on Mac, and it's horrible. I can't stand it. From my understanding, it's not nearly as powerful as the Windows version. Also, I didn't know Adobe was creating a program for screen-captures. I'm definitely going to look into that alternative.
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