Clickbank suddenly doubled holdback allowance! Any1 else see that this week?

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I get weekly bank draft payments, and usually the allowance held back is around 10%. Been that way for a long time. Suddenly after my best week on a certain product, I see the paycheck listed for next Wed, with over 20% held back. That's 12 weeks they keep it for. Any1 know what's up? Sales/refunds/chargebacks, no drastic change.

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    I have issues with clickbank. Nothing like you are having. My payments are good but my conversions have dropped suddenly on a few products after weeks of consistent sales.
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    I think those are for refunds...
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    ClickBank has the best fraud detection systems on the internet. Keynetics, their parent company, also owns Kount. Kount is the shiz when it comes to online fraud prevention.

    That being said, the ClickBank security team is well versed with the Kount systems. Your "allowance" or hold back percentage is subject to their oversight. They are usually about 5 steps ahead of you when it comes to fraudulent orders, refunds, charge backs, problematic vendor accounts. The allowance is intended to cover potential charge backs or vendor approved refunds outside of the 60 day policy.

    Your best bet is to just call them and see why they bumped your allowance. 1-800-390-6035 US and Canada or +1 208-345-4254 International.
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      Yes, I am going to call tomorrow. But as I mentioned there were no sudden changes in refunds, and I hardly ever see chargebacks. Besides, the refunds (even reversals of next weeks sales, are deducted from this weeks check even though there is no offsetting credit, which I think is very unfair. In either case those refunds (current and next week are deducted from revenue, never added to holdback. This is something internal as you say, and I wonder if it has anything to do with the sudden drop in sales everyone saw last weekend.
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    ClickBank can and have the power to change your allowance percentage anytime they want to. 10% is the average value, but if your account has a rather high number of refunds and/or chargebacks, ClickBank may increase your percentage.

    Originally Posted by ClickBank

    ClickBank withholds a fraction from each payment that is credited back to your account after 12 weeks (about 84 days). These funds are used to manage quality issues that may arise with Products you publish or promote, including delayed refunds or revoked sales. The standard return allowance is 10%. ClickBank may adjust your return allowance at any time.

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