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Hello Warriors,

I'm working towards my new product and very some need to be promote all at online but to make it easy to promote online there are many things among them there is a site called "onlywire.com" where one click can publish links to multiple social networking site, So will it be fine to go with this option to consume time?:confused: Or if you thing other service has a better result for time which is that?:confused:

All feedbacks are appreciated...
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    OnlyWire is the best social bookmarking tool for me. I even use it for free just by giving a link back to them in one of my sites and enjoy using the same account on 100s of my other sites.

    But this method of social bookmarking alone will not help you. Try article marketing and a lot of other stuffs too.

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    Onlywire is decent, but the downside is that all the sites will have the same titles / description. If it is just articles you are bookmarking, or unimportant pages then I would just use this, if it is an important page / your homepage then I would take the time to do it a bit more manually.

    Aservice I like for this (which is FREE) is "Social Marker" it is semi automated in that it loads up the sites pre-filled and you can tweak the info a little for each one and manually submit - it's slower than onlywire but you get more control..

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    I used SENuke but then switched to Bookmarking Demon and it is the best!! By far the best.. Every IMer that uses it pretty much swears by it. Simply because it is almost automatic to create account which is a major time saver.

    Another one is Bookmark Wiz but I think it's average.

    Onlywire is ok though.


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      Social Bookmarking is the best way for promoting your products. This is very easy way to promote products. There are another ways are available to make your products popular in market like Article Writing.
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    Social bookmarking can be effective, but you need to do it in such great moderation so it would be effective and not annoy your contacts and other people around you.
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