How to Flip PLR Articles for Instant Cash

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This is a post I shared with my list. Thought it would be good to share it here too.

I was inspired by JD Swanson on flipping websites. But I do it with a twist. Instead of creating using normal HTML templates, I use Wordpress. Instead of using unique content, I use PLR articles. I am lazy... ;-)

Some say website flipping is not the best way to make money because it involves hard work. I say, what the heck, because it gives me instant cash. In a matter of a few days (less than a week), I can make $90-$200 just by using this approach.

Furthermore, this is the way how freelance writers work. And they are all over marketplaces such as eLance, Guru, GetAFreelancer. It’s something that you should consider, especially if you are strapped for cash.

In a nutshell, you create a website with PLR articles. And you sell the website for instant cash.

Here’s how to do it - step by step.

Step 1: Choose a topic

With this approach (by using PLR articles), you don’t need to do a thorough niche selection because the work has already done for you by the person who created the PLR content. All the topics of your PLR are good. But personally, I find health and hobby related sites sell better.

Step 2: Create a website

To setup a content site, I prefer using a blog than normal HTML sites. Because it’s easy and flexible. I can use many free templates available online, not to mention some useful plugins that I use to enhance the perceived value of the site. Here’s what I do to setup the blog:

• Register a domain name. Preferably keyword rich domain. I will do a search in free Wordtracker or Keyword Discovery tool and look for ideas for my domain. I will register a .com or .net domain if possible.

• Create a new webhosting account. For an easy transfer to the future buyer, I would encourage you to have a separate webhosting account for this site. I sign up for a reseller account whereby I can create unlimited webhosting accounts as and when I need - at a fixed cost.

• Install Worpdress. By using the Fantastico in cPanel of your webhost, it makes installing Wordpress a snap. Sometimes, to make the site more complete, I will install forum on the site. Pick a WP theme that is suitable for your topic by searching online. Try themes by Brian Gardner or Chris Pearson.

• Install plugins. Plugins I use for creating websites to flip are Adsense Manager, Tubepress video, and Contact Form.

• Add content. With Wordpress, it’s easy to post articles to the website because you don’t need to know HTML codes and FTP. Use what you have from your PLR library to create content for your website. I will have 10 – 20 articles posted. You must read the terms that come with your PLR articles before posting these articles.

Step 3: Sell the website

You can use either Site Point or Digital Point to sell your website. Both have it’s own pluses and minuses. For Site Point, you have to pay to list your website for sale. For Digital Point, you have to make at least 20 posts before you can put up your site for sale. When I started out, I used Site Point because I couldn’t wait to fulfill the minimum posts on Digital Point. For a content site like this, you can sell between $90 - $200 a site. You can fetch higher price if you have more pages of content (say 30) and other features like forum, videos, sitemap, contact us form.

Sad but true, now you can’t get a price as high as before. But as long as you can cover your cost (domain name – around $10, PLR - negligible, webhosting - negligible) and make a good profit, there’s no reason you shouldn’t do this.

Again, this is not a long term business model but it’s excellent in generating instant cash.

SIDENOTE: There’s a great post in this forum on how to make flipping a long term business:
The Warrior Forum - How can Flipping Websites be a Long Term Business?
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    You can earn $90 more if you sell a Hostgator hosting to the buyer.
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    Hey Abelacts,

    Is this something you've done personally and profitably? I guess I'm personally somewhat sceptical about the whole site flipping thing. But then again, I suppose the only way to really know is to try if for myself.

    So you're telling me that all you do is buy a domain, put up a bunch of PLR articles in WordPress and stick it on SitePoint and you'll make $200 ... And you've done this repeatedly successfully yourself?


    - Derek
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  • Sad but true, now you can’t get a price as high as before. But as long as you can cover your cost (domain name – around $10, PLR - negligible, webhosting - negligible) and make a good profit, there’s no reason you shouldn’t do this.
    plr is negligible? where do find plr that cheap?

    webhosting is negligable? doesn't hostgator reseller start at like $25 per month?

    Plus the listing fee at sitepoint is $10 (digitalpoint doesn't pay as much I hear on sales)

    Plus the cost of your time, or outsourced time. 3-4 hours to make a good site?

    any examples of sites that were created like this that sold on sitepoint or dp?

    Sitepoint currently has tons of sites with no bids that are similar to sites you mention flipping:

    or are these listed somewher else?

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    You can use public domain material for your content.
    There was a wso not long, check it out for content.

    For All Your Website Traffic Needs visit Easy Website Traffic Coaching!

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    So what you are saying is you don't care about what junk and crap articles are added to the site just as long as it looks good and you make money. No care about the one spending his/her hard earned money on buying the junk plr that will hurt the site more then help..

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      This is a minimum wage business model in my opinion...
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    Great post. i think Jame's concerns are valid. but if you create a fairly decent site, with good content, there's no reason why you should feel bad about a sale. You did after all do SOME work for it.
    I also see the reseller host approach as a way to perhaps venturing into making this a long-term business. You can offer the buyer hosting AND also, as mentioned earlier, if the site is not bad in content, you can offer complimentary services to the buyer (SEO, Backlinks, RSS, Autoresponder, etc). Chances are that if the buyer wants to BUY this site to begin with, they don't want to do a lot of work... nothing work with that if you can make a buck!
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    blogs are getting harder and harder to flip for a number of reasons:

    * wordpress is free, hosting is cheap, plr is cheap, etc so unless the blog has something going for it very few people will pay more than the time and expense of putting one up themselves.

    * more established blogs or blogs with good SE rankings/traffic get that way from frequently updated unique content and marketing to build traffic. a new owner would have to put in a lot of work to keep a site like that growing or lose their investment fairly quickly

    you'd almost be better off starting a service where you set up and customize blogs for people for a fee rather than holding domain and hosting inventory and paying fees to list on other sites.

    i just read a couple other threads here on the warriorforum by people having trouble setting up blogs. There's definitely a market for such services.

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    This works if you're really desperate for cash, I've done it a few times. I would hate to do this in the long term, but it's good when you're in a tight spot.
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    edit: lol nevermind, didnt pay attention to the posting date

    Nothing to see here. Move along, citizen.

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