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by sparky
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Hi, I'm having trouble with the Viral PDF software and it's driving me crazy. It won't recognize the links in the PDF, and I've used several different pieces of software to create the file. If anyone has the signer and can do that part for me it would be great. You may need my original PowerPoint file - any help greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance
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      Hi Paul, thanks for reply. Sorry for my delay in getting back to you. been at Impact event in San Diego, just catching up with things.

      They replied to support ticket, and am now on 3rd ticket, not resolved. Have sent copy of PDF but ideally just need someone to convert PowerPoint, and sign it for me as getting fed up with a simple job dragging out so long

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    Ironically, I posted a thread about PDF converting a moment ago, and I'm just wondering.....can you not just click "Save As" and click the option PDF?

    It works fine with the links.

    Just sayin,
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      I think I might know how to solve your problem...

      Try adding ALL characters to the bottom of your page, in white or whatever your background color is (so they're invisible to the human eye).


      If your link was h ttp://www.anylink. com/where-ever
      Then the characters you need to embed into the page would be :

      h t p : / w . a n y l i n k c o m e r - v
      (make sure the embed characters and the same font as the URL characters)

      Viral PDF scans through the document for the embedded characters,
      but the bug is that it cant recognize the characters in your link.

      It wont pick them up and convert them into 'brandable links".

      Embedding the characters without hyperlinks helps solve this issue,
      if that is the issue you are currently experiencing

      Hope that helps,

      - aj


      I'd be interested to know if this works with Powerpoint Slides?
      I know it works with PDF's
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    I don't understand your post, Aj. Hmm.


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      Originally Posted by RedMatrix View Post

      I don't understand your post, Aj. Hmm.

      If you have your document written in a Font i.e. "Unknown Font" Size 12.
      and the URLs you're trying to brand in an "unknown" font.

      After converting your document into a PDF, then using Viral PDF
      to convert those URLs into "Brandable" links...

      Viral PDF wont recognize the "unknown" fonts (or characters),
      as they are hyperlinked, so it wont create those links as Brandable.

      That is what sparky might be experiencing.

      So the solution is to embed those characters and fonts
      into the document Without The Hyperlink.

      So Viral PDF recognizes the fonts, then recognizes them
      inside the hyperlink, therefore creating them as Brandable, when you run Viral PDF.
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        Hi all, thanks for the responses so far. AJ I think the point of the viral PDF is to have a viewer friendly hyperlink rather than displaying the full URL including affiliate ID and this worked on a previous ebook for me.

        I've had a couple of replies from Sean at ViralPDF, but support system wouldn't let me view open tickets so had to submit new ones. It's got worse on each visit, now won't recognise password and won't even send out reminders so I'm completely locked out of the support system.

        This is seriously ticking me off. Just need this one PowerPoint converting and signing then I can hopefully use my brander from there - but fast losing confidence in the whole thing

        Thanks for help
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    Tony / Sparky,

    I have sent you my personal email address so that we can sort out your ViralPDF problem. I need your source document to understand the problem in full so I can give you a solution.

    About the helpdesk...
    My guess is that you have some browser plugins blocking the Kayako Suppork Desk script from working. It's an expensive helpdesk script used by many internet marketers without problem so I don't think that is where the problem is.

    I won't be checking this thread for replies so let's continue the support via email.

    Signature - Javadocs
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