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How to start an internet business if anyone has advice please let me know. I'm new at this so I don't really know where to star or how. Thank you, Sky
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    Well you are in the right place

    I would say, take a week and really have a good read around these forums, there is a wealth of information.

    Also, you will probably get some more help from more experiened warriors but for them to help you a little bit more easily, how about telling us a little bit more about yourself - for instance, what can you do already? e.g. are you good at writing?, do you work at the moment?, what do you do?, do you have any hobbies?, that kind of thing.

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      Sorry, I was rushing when I posted and I meant to add to the part below...

      Originally Posted by SusanneUK View Post

      I would say, take a week and really have a good read around these forums, there is a wealth of information.


      That once you have taken some time to have a read of things round here, then perhaps you will also have a better idea of what interests you and therefore a set of questions to come back and ask the warriors.

      So, read, take notes, formulate questions and come and ask them

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    For sure in the right place!
    Read as much as you can here and then read some more. Then read a little more.

    Because there are a lot of different ways to market online its best that you wait a little before jumping into something. Do the research, find something that you're going to be able to do consistently and enjoy doing. Then once you've found that, put your all into it and do your best. Dont let anything or anyone stop you.
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    You can look into a couple of programs. I know Joe Vitale has a good one and Bob Doyle as well. Both were in the movie the secret.
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      Below I will give you a part of the first chapter of my wealth manual which should get you started in the right direction.

      You should do alot of research and planning before you do anything. This forum is a great resource to do just that too..


      A - Creating a Wealth Plan

      Before you get starting on making money online you need to sit down in a calm quite place, someplace where you will not be distracted. Make sure there is no radio, instant messages, television, and etc turned on that can distract you. You want to spend this time alone where you can think and sort through possible ideas.

      Just as in the real world with any business you need to make a plan of what business you want and how you want to go about running that business. Being online to make money is no different and it is a very important step that you do not want to skip. By creating a plan before hand you could end up saving a great deal of time, effort and money. One major mistake most people make when they want to make money online is they just jump right on in without ever thinking about what they are doing.

      So let's get you started off on the right foot and let's create a wealth plan that will help guide you along the way.

      The first thing you want to do is decide what you would like to do to make money online. You do this by writting down what you love to do and what you have interest in doing. Make a list of each thing that you love to do or that interest you by writting it down using one row for each item. If you love to post on forums, blogs, or on social network sites then write that down. If you love to sell products or items then make sure to write that down on your list also. It is very important to write down the things that you have an interest in or things that you love to do.

      Next you need to decide what you will be able to do with each of the things you have wrote down. If you wrote down that you love to make post of forums then under that you are going to write the things that can be done with this particular interest you have. For example, if you wrote down that you like to make post on forums then you will write down the related things such as "Blog Posting" or "Article Writing". We will refer to these as sub-interest.

      At this point you should have something that will look similar to this example
      1. forum posting
      - creating a blog website
      - creating a article posting website

      2. selling products
      - creating a eBay store
      - creating an affiliate website

      Do not worry about how to create a blog website or open an eBay store at this point, we are just getting down your interest and things that you love to do for now. Later on in the Wealth Manual you will learn about getting your own website.

      Now you want to create a description for each one of these sub-interest that you wrote down. Using the example above you would write out a description for creating a blog website similar to this " a blog website for those that love to cook, our blog offers a wide range of fat free healthy recipes that are sure to please anyone". Make sure your description is based on your interest of what you love to do, going by the blog description you can tell that this would be a blog from someone that loves cooking. By writing down a description for each sub-interest it will give you a more clear idea of what you want to do to make money online.

      Next you want to look at your list that you have created and decide which interest best fits you, select one interest from your list and put the list in a place that you can remember incase you want to build another site later on. What we have created with your interest and description is your idea, this idea is going to be used to create your website that you can make money from.

      Now that you have your idea inplace it's time to pick out a domain name for your idea. There are several rules you should follow when you want to decide what domain name you want to use. Following the below rules will help you get a good domain name that will look professional and will be much easier to market. Hands down the best place to register your domain name is with because of the many options they have. NameCheap also gives you free whois guard protection which protects your personal information from spammers, telemarketers, and others, many other places charge as much as $20 a year for whois protection. NameCheap has also been in business over 6 years and I personally have never had an issue with them.

      Go to and setup your free account, once you are logged in look for the search box on the top right of your browser. You will need to search for a domain name that you want to register. You only need to purchase a domain name, Do Not purchase Hosting as this will be explained later on in the Manual.

      Domain Name Rules
      - Choose a name that will be short and easy to remember.
      - Always register a .com domain name.
      - It is suggested that you also register the .net with the same name.
      - Add keywords to your domain name.
      - Do not add the word "free" in your domain name.

      Using the example of the blog about recipes as stated above you and following the rules you might try to register a domain name such as "" or "". The reason why is because the name is short, simple, and easy to remember, and includes "recipes" as one of your keywords. It can take some time to find a good .com domain name and sometimes you may have to get a .net which is fine but try for the .com first. For those of you that would like to protect the use of your domain name from people that may try to copy you, you may want to register more than just one name. For example if my website is a blog about recipes and the domain name is not taken yet then I would register,, and Doing this will help protect your idea and domain name incase someone else did want to copy what your website is about.

      You should now have inplace your wealth plan and should be ready to go on to the next step of Making Money online.
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    One way to get started fast is deciding what you are already good at. (What are your skills?) Then start blogging. Blogs get picked up quicker on search engines. To learn how to blog you can go to this free blog training.

    What Is Blogging? We Explain Blogging So That You Too Can Become A Blogger | Become A Blogger

    You should also see if there is people willing to pay for what you want to talk about. Google the area that you are interested in and see if people are paying for ads. There are other ways to research, too.
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      I would first get an education in marketing. I would then browse thru the forum for the different topics that have been discussed. It is a lot of quality information on this forum.

      Please do not use affiliate links in signatures

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      Welcome to the Warrior Forum!

      How do you start an internet business?

      There are 1001 ways to make money on the internet.
      You'll probably get 1001 different answers here.

      I'll just tell you what I do, ok?
      I write short reports and longer ebooks about making money on the internet.
      You don't have to write about making money. You can write about anything you know a lot about: real estate, dogs, cats, health, self-improvement, dating, relationships, foreclosures, boats, cars, etc.

      Then I sell those reports here on the Warrior Forum and from a website. You can also sell them from a blog. I send traffic to wherever I'm selling the reports and make sales.

      There's a whole LOT more involved than just writing and selling a report or ebook, but basically, that's what I do. There are easier ways and harder ways to make money than this and I'm sure you'll read many other ways.

      I suggest that you learn the basic foundations of whatever route you choose, build upon that foundation by learning more and more, stick to ONE method at a time and become an expert at it, don't spend, spend, spend, and don't jump around from strategy to strategy.

      Focus, plan, take action as soon as possible, just do something that you've learned or been taught. Don't wait until everything is "perfect" because it rarely will be.
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        I am a newbie here too and I started by doing some research on Internet marketing. I purchased a few ebooks and another book from the bookstore. After researching for a few weeks, I decided to start working on it. I am going through a plan from one of the ebooks I purchased. I am writing 12 articles write now related to a product I am promoting on In a few days, I will have everything up for business and I will continue writing 1-2 articles a day. I am looking forward to making my first sale in Internet Marketing!

        Confused about SEO? Facebook? Adwords? Send me a PM to apply for your free 30 minute consultation today!

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          While I was surfing the net, I chanced upon alot of material. But what set me thinking further was when I saw the Plug In Profit Site.

          The first few days, I read up on free Ebooks, and the 30 day training. But I did not do much, until I decided to focus on a few key ideas. I was overwhelmed at first, but now getting a clearer picture.

          I did article marketing, optimise website, and submit to online directory.

          The road ahead will be long, but I hope to see success soon. I have about 300 visits so far for Oct, must work on it more..

          Would you like to start a Stay at Home Mom Business ? -

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    Hi Warrior Member,

    You are in the right place.

    When I started, I took one full month to read as much as I could about internet marketing. Much of the stuff was quite new and there was so much information that some became a bit confusing. However, I persevered in my search of knowledge and soon I started getting clarification.

    Thus, the first thing any good internet marketer will advise a newbie is: acquire as much knowledge as possible about internet marketing. Do not rush out to start paying for products or advertisement, else you’ll soon end up in debt. There are many free packages you can start with. Check out this piece of advice:

    >You can begin with submitting articles. Post as many as you can. You can write them by yourself or get some other persons to write them for you.

    >Begin to make contributions to this forum. You don’t need to write superlative technical details, but just as much as you know per time to contribute to other people’s needs. By this you’ll be building back-links to your website, thus, increasing your site rating with the search engines.

    >Think of offline promotion. By words of mouth you can promote your business among friends and family members. You can print cheap flyers and distribute them around.

    >Be creative…What other ways do think you can promote your business?

    As you gain knowledge and confidence on internet marketing, you can start utilizing paid services/products.

    Note that there is no quick fix. You are either ready to sit tight and do the business or you quit. Perseverance pays in this business. Remember, you are into business!

    Finally, the advice of a mentor is invaluable. In my own case I started as a Plug-In-Profit Site (PIPS) member: and I benefited immensely from the counsel and guidance of the program.

    To your greatest success.

    Adiari Captain

    Signature - Proven Home Business and Work from Home Business Ideas and Opportunities
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  • Best advice I can give anyone just starting out: join the "War Room" here. You'll get hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars worth of IM materials for less than $40.

    It is truly worth every single penny.
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    Hi Sky limit,

    Welcome to the Warrior Forum.

    Well you have to choose a product that you think you can sell, the product that you love.

    its just Love What You DO and Do What You Love.The product needs to be advertised and there are several ways online for tht like Article writing,free ads,google adsent,blog etc.its up to you what you want do inrespect to get the traffic.

    Their are some ideas and opportunities on my website if it suits you.

    All the best and Enjoy your Stay!
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    There is a tremendous amount of good information here that you can get for free and a lot of good comments have already been posted.

    One additional piece of advice...once you have read as much as possible here on the Warrior Forum, pick a topic of interest, pick a strategy, and become an expert with that strategy. Jumping around from idea to idea will only frustrate your efforts.

    Good Luck!
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      My short and straight forward advice based on my little experience is : browse the warrior forum for atleast few days. Then ideas on what to do will start flowing into you. Only then will i advice for you to make a choice befitting your person.
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  • We all been there buddy.
    Whatever you do don't copy others.
    Be 100% original
    T be successfull it's really all about supply and demand and having a great product.
    And forget what everyone says about doing what you love best.
    Do what sells, people can be very misleading
    And don't trust anyone online, they all want new idea's

    And here's the big one - STUDY STUDY STUDY do your home work , do your research and it may take weeks, months or years. But you'll find it if you don't give up !!
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    You are definitely at the right place for advice for succeeding online! Do you have a specific business in mind? Whatever it is you decide to do, be diligent, never give up, and be patient. You won't get rich overnight. Just remember that, believe in yourself, work hard and you will go far. If you don't have a business idea yet, check out the link in my signature. Good luck!

    *Read my blog :)
    * - get out of debt, build wealth, change your life, help others do the same!
    *Join me on twitter -

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