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I'm the proud owner of a list of people into mixed martial arts training.

I know that I should have had a means of monetization in place before I built the list but I didn't so thats just the way it is.

Anyone have any idea how I can monetize this list. It's primarily made up of young males.

Thanks for the advice
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    Hi Eric,

    Why did they sign up to the list? That is, what were you offering them?

    Whatever their reason for initially signing up will give you a pretty good clue of what they want -- and then you can just give them more of the same.

    For example, did they join the list to get some kind of free report? Then offer a paid product on the exact same subject. You can create this product yourself or you can promote affiliate products.

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    I would think equipment and training programs would be a good way to go.

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  • You could offer general muscle building and fitness products. You could also look at some of the amateur wrestling info products as there's a potential crossover audience.

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    Bodybuilding, strength training, supplements, MMA gear + equipment, Self Defense videos. All great products that are worth pitching to an MMA list.
    Read my incredible story:
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      There are a couple of CB products that are worth a shot-I've begun promoting one of them, but it's a bit early to report the results. I know of one "gear" company that has an affiliate program,, but I haven't looked at the details of their program yet, so I can't personally recommend it. Hope that helps. Regards, Kevin

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    I think it's awesome that you have a list of people who are interested in MMA, as I love MMA. I was thinking of getting into the MMA niche myself, but as you are questioning, I wasn't quite sure how to monetize it.

    As an MMA fan, I would be looking for good deals on MMA clothing, MMA videos, and maybe even you can blast out e-mails every time an event is coming for tickets. I'm sure there is an affiliate program for selling tickets, and MMA tickets are expensive too so you could probably make good money if you made sales of tickets.

    Other than specific MMA stuff, maybe just like weight lifting stuff, proteins, energy stuff, etc.
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      This is a great market to be in.

      Becky is spot on, look at what got them on the list in the first place. That will give you a good clue. Also other sugesstions made here are good.

      But to help you out a little more...check out this MMA forum - CageWarriors Forum - Powered by vBulletin

      Give the forum a little browse...and that should help you a little.


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        I know a couple people in this niche ..

        One is a MMA World Champion and is coming out with a VERY top end product ($250+) done with him and a BJJ Blackbelt and they plan on offering a 50% affiliate commission.

        PM me if you want and I can put you in contact with him if you like.
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        Hi Eric,

        I have a friend in this market and he is about to launch a clothing line. He is an affiliate marketer, so I am sure he will have an affiliate program if you're interested. He is supposed to launch in a couple weeks.

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    Get yourself onto the actual UFC affiliate program (link through CJ) would be my recommendation, as well as going for clothing and collectibles.

    Grappling dummies and heavy bags pay a nice commission, especially UFC branded ones.

    Tapout clothing will always go well. So will Affliction.

    Oh and get into selling those little fighter figurines too, they're very popular right now.

    If you want to know what's really selling, just go to the UFC store and see what they're putting up in lights. You can be sure that they know exactly what does and doesn't work in the market: UFC Store: Official Online Shop for the Ultimate Fighting Championship

    Just look at what they're pushing the hardest and promote the same thing, or an equivalent.

    I looked into selling tickets before and the commission is pretty teeny tiny. You would need a lot of volume to make it worthwhile.

    The other thing that can be stellar profitable is pushing betting signups. Places like BetUS will pay I think it's around $20 or $30 for new signups, and they do some very nice creatives you can use prior to events.

    You could even run a fight picker like Cage Potato recently started to get people active: You can then run betting ads alongside the fight picker. People doing well in the picks will see that they could be winning bets, and then you have a pretty good chance of getting CPA payments from the betting agencies.

    Oh and another thing is there are some really good books that seem to be doing well on Amazon by Lyoto Machida, BJ Penn and Anderson Silva. If you put those out to your list I'd be very surprised if a few people didn't snap some up.

    P.S. One more idea. Push jigsaw mats. Those things are pricey as but anyone that trains wants to have a room or their garage decked out with them.
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    Also study what Matt Furey - Zen Master of the Internet is doing with his business.
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