Physical Products Payment Processing - Is Paypal enough?

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I'm going to be selling some physical products, and wondering if payment processing through Paypal is sufficient?

Specifically I'm wondering if I should be considering something like eJunkie, or something else? In other words, what can I get with ejunkie that I can't get with Paypal alone? Does ejunkie provide for better record keeping, easier contact with customer, more security, or anything else that would be relevant?

Hope someone can help, and thanks in advance.

- Kat
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    Now days Pay Pal accepts credit cards as well as Pay Pal accounts, so just about anyone who wants to make a purchase from your website will have a suitable option.

    Hope this helps...Go to the Pay Pal site, and see all the payment options.
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    I think the main problem would be people not understanding Paypal, not record keeping or customer contact.

    How much of your target audience currently uses paypal or are willing to signup is what you should be asking yourself. Yes, they don't need to signup for a one-time purchase but the Paypal form can be confusing to new people.
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  • PayPal should be sufficient, and is a real 'plug and play' solution as most of your potential customers will already have PayPal accounts.

    You can use a more sophisticated system, such as eJunkie or Rapid Action Profits, particularly if you want to add upsells. The other main benefit of those solutions is the security of download product delivery, but if you're delivering physically you'll no doubt be able to check all the orders before they are shipped.

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    Stay away from paypal. I have heard way too many horror stories about paypal freezing accounts to collect interest on the money. I would go to your local bank and open a real merchant account for payment processing. Much, much safer!
    Read my incredible story:
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    Paypal is decent and adequate but I would recommend another processing option also (such as 2Checkout who are excellent) as many people still have a mixed opinion about PP (some of our clients love Paypal, others just point blank refuse to use it).
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    If you require people to have an account with Paypal and they have to login to
    Paypal before making a purchase, you might lose some sales. You have the option
    of requiring the buyer to have an account or not. I have passed on some purchases
    because the seller required the buyer to have an account. I had an account several
    years ago with Paypal, but no longer have the account login details. I have tried
    creating another account with them and using my credit card that was associated
    with my other account, but they won't let me. I have emailed them and talked to
    them over the phone and have gotten nowhere. I will not create another account
    with my checking account information, I do not like giving my checking account
    information to online sites.
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    Merchant account options using First Data as the processor:

    For USA:
    FDIS (First Data) merchant account using as the payment gateway.

    For CAN:
    CardSolve (First Data) merchant account using an integrated payment gateway.

    Home businesses, medium risk, small business generally approved within 24 hours.
    Merchant discount rates are much less.

    I can provide details if you wish.
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    Hi Kat,

    I published an article listing all the potential issues people need to consider with PayPal especially when it comes to physical products:

    If you are going to use PayPal Read this first.

    It mostly relates to my advice for users of our platform but there is some good education there for anyone who wants to know the risks of paypal.
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