newbie listbuilding dilemma- do it anyway?

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Hi all

I'm in the middle of creating an info product but i need to take a break now and again and with all the noise around listbuilding i have found a strategy of going about it:

Potential traffic - check
Potentially useful free bonus and squeezepage- check

Here's my dilemma, however:

1/ I have this fear of joining aweber due to my fear of not having good enough letters, and i'm scared of it not being a success... should i just START?

-i've no idea how to monitor the effectiveness of my emails, though ive got an idea it has to do something with using awebers tracking tool to check if the email ive sent has been opened
-i dont have any decent free content to give away - should i have all of this prepared before i even start? reports, emails, webinars etc
-i dont really want to crappily spam people with any offer, but then is it enough to suggest they part with their money because ive only read a review about said product and found an affiliate link on clickbank that has high gravity?

I guess my fear of starting is because i want to get it just right,( because i dont want to waste my subscription on aweber when im just starting out, and im aware that its THE responder to use and everything else is crap)

However i am aware there's no such thing as getting it right again. should i just START? and if my 20 -day strategy of autoresponders emails dont work, then i should just look at it as a learning experience? 52 days will be over before i know it, and i dont really want to come across as an idiot if im supposed to be this online moneymaking 'guru'

Am i missing something? Like maybe researching more into listbuilding tactics strategies? ( dont really want analysis paralysis)

Maybe i should finish my product first before i fully start this as it seems theres a lot more thought that needs to go into it....
- what kind of preparation goes into this stuff?

also should i have an 'onlinemoneymakingguru blog?'before i start to authenticate my authority with video /pic declaring my earnestness?
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    Trying to be perfect from the get will lead to failure almost every time... You have to start with a rough outline of what you want to do and then fix the kinks along the way, first just get something that works and then refine it so that it works better... Aweber tells you how many people opened your email and google analytics can tell you where people came from, make a special page on your website so you know who's coming from which email
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    Like you said, there is no 'getting it right'. So, don't try to be the guru if you're not. Be genuine. People respond better to that (in the long run) and you'll have a greater peace of mind which will allow you to build real connections with your list.

    If you don't know about the said product...simple...get to know it before promoting it. Your goal should be to provide value to your list. The money will eventually come. It's not easy but would you rather make 'some' quick money by deceiving your list or would you rather put more sweat into it and build a solid business through a steadfast list you can count on time and time again?

    Get that mindset right and the actions you will need to take defines itself.
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    I agree with the above posters. If you don't try you don't even have a chance at "getting it right". And as someone mentioned above there is not really a "getting it right". You have to do trial and error to see what works. That is all a part of growing in this business. Even the best of the marketers these days have failed plenty of times I'm sure. Don't be afraid of failure, as you need to fail first to succeed later sometimes. Maybe even a lot of the times.
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    I had the same dilemma. Just DO IT, the least you will get is EXPERIENCE
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