SPY on #1 site in Google; Quick and Easy way to get Niches + Keywords + Hgh PR Backlinks

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A lot of you probably already know this, so this post is for everyone who doesn't.

A very easy way to discover niches and keywords / long-tail keyword phrases and so on, is to spy on the #1 site in either a niche you are interested in or for the keyword phrase you want to target. Enter your niche or keyword phrase into google in quotes, and copy or take not of the URL of the #1 site (and the rest of the top half of the first page results if you have time) and go here:

Link Diagnosis - examine your link competition

Enter your competitors URL into it and click START (don't forget to check on/off for the settings on the blue bar below the start button). It will send spiders out, crawl their website and build a report on the site. This report will show you where they get their backlinks, what anchor text they use the most (i.e. the KEYWORDS they target!) and a few other things.

You can reorder the backlinks to be sorted by pagerank, so you can discover new backlink sources this way. Below the backlinks report, you can click the little boxes in the corner of the Anchor Text report to expand it up as the main report you are viewing, then you can sort the "count" by clicking it once or twice and it will sort and order the anchor texts by how many times they appear, which should give you a generally good idea of which keywords they are targeting.

Anyways, I was just using it and thinking how cool of a site it is, and thought I would post about it here for those who are unaware of this very useful research tool. And it's FREE!
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