What does a working day look like for you? How do you spend your time?

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Hi there.

I'm new to the WF, but not new to IM. I certainly wish I'd started reading this site a few years ago!

Anyway, I'm intrigued to know how people structure their days, especially the IMs who work full time.

I've seen here that some people write 10 articles a day, some people are clearly creating products/offers, some are reading or writing blogs...

But how many hours do you spend on each activity? And which are the most profitable for you?

I'm assuming no one (or very few people) are doing the dream 2 hours a week for $100k/mth income!

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    Hi Richard,


    Well, I'm not working 2 hours a week for 100k , but I definitely don't spend the entire day writing articles either. I spend an hour or two checking up on the articles my article writers have finished, checking on the work my article submitters and link builders have done, check in with the programmers to see how everything is working from that end, etc.

    Then I assign new projects as needed. The only 'dirty work' I actually do myself is write blog posts for my list, simply because that is the part I enjoy and am best at, so that is my most profitable activity. Each successful IMer probably does slightly different things each day than another because they have different strengths.

    Now I'm going to flip this around on you and ask, what do YOU do every day?
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