Is it too much "Heat", Should I get out the Kitchen????

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Ok so I have a niche site that I did a yahoo backlink check on... I have 102 inlinks... my main competition has 1,479...

Is this too much comp...

Im no quitter... I just want to know will this be a waste of time or not... Opinion is much appreciated!

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    I think you already know the answer to this one...what separated the 95% of the people that never succeed online from the 5% that do is usually one thing. The 5% have an incredible amount of persistence, they do not quit until they get what they set out for. Which % are you?
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    absolutely raygun.

    And jcox to be honest backlinks are great, but targeted traffic is king. I have an insurance client that was in same situation where they had way less backlinks than major competiton, however created some powerful backlinks and some marketing and seo strategies and actually is pulling better then the top dog as of now.(with way less backlinks) .
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    arright guys... I didnt really think about givng up... I have actually made 2 sales from the site...

    Thanks - Your words have motivated me too!
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    Of 1,479 vs. 102. You've already got 7% of the amount your competitor has for backlinks. So how do you outdo him? Better quality backlinks! If you add some originality into it, you could easily check out where he gets his backlinks from and check out what structure he used when pointing them to his site in order to outdo him.

    But all-in-all, never give up! As many others have said, the difference between a loser is not getting knocked down, it's refusing to get up.
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    Is that the number of backlinks to your competitors domain or to a page? If it's to the main domain, I'd definitely keep going. Just build more pages around different keywords. Also, how many of those 1479 links are PR6 and above. It could be a lot of PR0 - PR3 links. Check his links and find the high PR ones. Put your links there. Then go find some more high quality sites to put your links on.

    200 High quality links > 1000 low quality links. You might be able to pass your competitor and find out that you don't even need as many links.

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