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From my research owning your own content is almost a must. For example not to long ago I was working on a blog that was discussing some of the latest trends and I made about 100 blog posts on this blog and it was getting traffic. Then, out of nowhere BAM! it was gone of the internet forever and removed, I am not afraid to admit I made a mistake, and some how google thought that the content was copied.

Fast forward to today, I've bought my own domain,hosting, and not only am I seeing better results with my SEO rankings, but I have the piece of mind knowing that I own my own content without worrying about it anymore. I highly recommend spending a little cash for the high reward or peace of mind.
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    Yes its true..we will be under their control..u did right thing now..it is always to have our own things..we don't want to bother to answer anyone untill then we don't cross the rules...all the best for new journey
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    A big drawing point for IMers is not being under someone else' control. Freedom is important.

    I like having my own domains, but I haven't been too satisfied with having my own products, even though I did write a paperback book that is sold on Amazon, and doing okay. I don't have the will or the patience to write another. Some people have a team that writes and promotes ebooks for them. That might be a good way to go.

    I like using my own blogs with Adsense and CPA monetization methods. I can change advertisers in a heartbeat. I read about a guy who recently sold his blog for fifteen million dollars. The blog was two years old, and he tried to make a post to it every day.
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    Excellent point. Take a step farther, too. Own your content, and also re-purpose it. Don't just use it once on your blog. Submit it to article directories with a link to your blog. Make a power point video from it and post to YouTube with a link to your blog. Too many marketers (myself included a lot of times) are too shortsighted when it comes to the many uses of one piece of content.

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