I am setting up my first membership site- Any advice?

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I am setting up my first membership site.
I want to have a free level at least one premium level.
Any advice?

I'm asking because I am going to advise my students to create membership for their own businesses. I would love to show your membership site as an example to them

Kathryn Perry
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    Yes. Two things:

    1) Don't give out all your content all at once. Drip it out over time to keep members looking forward to something.

    2) Read this thread:
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    Hi Kathryn,

    Welcome to the forum, unfortunately I do not have a membership site but it is on my goals list. It can be a bit of a challenge to find something that people are willing to pay for each month. What I have been able to do is have some success with a paid newsletter. I charge $5 a month and I give people on this newsletter a discount on any products I have plus I try to get them discounts on other people's products. Best of luck with your project.
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    membership sites are the best for residual income.
    The best advice that I can give is to treat each customer as a piece of gold.

    Something new soon.

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      Thanks for the response, we have a list that has about 6600 subscribers to a free weekly call we've done for the last 5 years, we are ending that service and starting a paid membership. We are doing serious reach out to keep those folks in the loop. I couldn't agree more with your advice.
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      Fast start, inexpensive way. Set up 2 autoresponder forms. One free. The other they pay first and directed to the autoresponder form. Make sure they know the content is delivered by email.

      I like WordPress with WishList Member to run sites.

      IMO Partnership. A National Insurance Marketing Alliance.

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    Please there is one thread by Ron Douglas on this topic. Go and grab it, is going to help you alot. Search for it ,i have forgotten it.
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    If you're looking for software to run it, WordPress + Wishlist Member will give you a professional and easy-to-use setup for $97 total.
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    I have several nice membership sites but won't use this thread to pimp them. What I will say is that I agree with some of the suggestions above on using Wishlist Member...it's awesome.

    Secondly, when thinking about the content you plan to deliver for the paid membership, aim to deliver at least 10 times the value of what your subscribers pay.
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