How Do You Get Free Traffic?

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Hi guys.. please list the ways you generate
free traffic to your website social etc.
and how much do you get for your time thanx guys!
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    -yahoo answers

    also a great tip is it uploads your vidoes to multiple sources at once!
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    SEO Press Releases and good content on my sites


    QUALITY Press Releases
    For discerning professionals
    who invest in long term content marketing
    for Visibility * Credibility
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    Well there is really no such thing as 'free traffic'
    You are either going to pay with your time invested or $$$.
    You can pay for traffic via PPC campaigns - Google,facebook etc. or you can work your site into the top pages of the search engines with good onpage and offpage SEO.
    You can also do article marketing: submit unique articles with valuable info to Ezine,Hubpages,Goarticles etc
    Another method is to use Pinfm or Hellotxt to mass submit to social sites like Digg,Mixx,Propeller etc

    The best thing is to combine these methods and see what works best for you, but like i said it's going to mean investing some time from you. It's an ongoing task getting visitors to your site
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    Lots of ways.

    Press releases, videos, articles, Web 2.0, document sites, podcasts etc.

    Building backlinks is a big one right now.

    As for how much I get...are you talking traffic or money?

    Short answer is I get heaps of both....otherwise I wouldn't bother. I value my time at a minimum of $150 an hour (except for posting on this forum). So I wouldn't bother with anything that didn't provide a return that matched that.
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    I use others for sure, but these are my main 3
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      It has been said above. As you get more experienced you will discover that their arnt many free traffic methods. (but some such as writing your own article, and submitting it to directories)
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    Article Marketing & SEO
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    do self help videos, upload them to youtube, and place links to your website in the video description.

    that, and build backlinks to your site....add a link in the signature of your warrior forum account. make sure the anchor text is relevant to the keywords you've chosen for your website
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