It's Tough Taking Off From The Bottom..

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One of my "Marketing Update" subscribers (and a fellow Warrior) is new to internet marketing (6 months) but he's making a determined effort to launch a give-away site. I really admire him for his tenacity - he's really worked hard and mastered a quite complex give-away script, and he's got quite a few contributors.

However, he's struggling to make an impact in terms of getting contributors with reasonable sized mailing lists. He's done things like building a Squidoo lens, used social bookmarking, posted (appropriately) on several forums and all the regular stuff.

But, with just a few days left before the launch (Friday 15th August), he's rather concerned that he's not going to get a good volume of sign-ups for the give-away.

His name is Joe Nykoluk, and his give-away event is at:

List Building Video Tutorials & More | Video List Profits Giveaway

He's making this a niche give-away, with the focus on "video".

I've deliberately not put my own contributor link in here. I don't want to benefit from this thread

If any Warrior would like to help Joe, you can do so in two ways:

1) Join VideoListProfits as a contributor through the above link

2) Post to this thread with any advice you might have for Joe on how he can get some more contributors with good-sized lists on board quickly.

I know that Warriors are a helpful crowd :-)

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    well have tried to access the site , but somehow its not opening up ... but will definatly check it out and sign up and see what this guy is offering ..... Always love to help newbie as not very long ago was one , and there was none who supported or guided, and I know that feeling .......


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      Hi Tirmizi

      Thanks for the reply.

      Must have been a glitch when you tried. I've jus checked the link in my post above, and it's working OK now.


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