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This is an important lesson for anyone new to affiliate marketing, ensure that you do spend some quality time doing keyword research.

I started doing affiliate marketing about two years ago and to be honest I did very little research, I created a website based on what I would search for. I have had sales but after spending a bit of time doing some research I can see that I have probably lost out on a lot of sales.

So anyone looking to get started, make sure you have a decent list of keywords that you can target and ensure that they have less competition.

Im off now to do some proper keyword research on all of my sites
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    I'd also like to add something here.

    I see too many people doing SEO without even knowing what keywords are actually working. So they spend weeks, even months optimizing a site for a keyword they THINK works, but they havent tested it. Why? Because they believe SEO works.

    Yes, SEO does work, but you need to test the traffic first. This is why you do PPC, test the keywords first by spending some money and only THEN can you switch off PPC and do SEO. Only once you have found those golden nuggets of keywords that convert should you focus on proper SEO, keyword optimization and all these little tricks we all know about.

    Anything else is just a waste of time in my opinion.
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    Thanks for the advice, it is important not repeat past mistakes. I am still new at this what type of advice can you give in regards to how or the steps you take for your keyword research. I would like to know as I start to get going on some sites.

    Once again thanks.


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      Keyword research is vital to your success.(a) I think of all the words a person would type in the search engine when looking for my product.
      (b) I then narrow my search, and keep the most popular search words/phrases.
      (c) I then use google adwords keyword tool ( there are many others, but I like this one)
      I select keywords that have at least 300 searches monthly and less than 10.000 competing websites.
      I hope this is of some help.
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    Can you share with us how you've done structured your campaign for testing.
    I've hesitated on testing ppc because it boggles me and I know I should do it. Can you give some pointers in setting up a campaign and structuring ad groups. I know some of the guys just test it on yahoo and then do the seo.
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    test test test is so important with marketing and sales in any online and offline business. When I test a lot of times I'll look at a few keyword tools besides just googles because remember they own the pay per click as well so...

    anyways after I find the keywords I'll test on a capture or sales page that has google analytics.

    So now you can target any keyword and see where and how much is coming. A lot of people get a certain amount of leads and conversions and say that's good, but always strive to improve your results and try to be targeted.

    You can go after general terms or market but you want to focus on niching it out and you'll have the best leads and clients/customers coming to you.
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    what are the best tools you have used for researching your keywords apart from google keyword tool
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      Originally Posted by filiks View Post

      what are the best tools you have used for researching your keywords apart from google keyword tool
      Market Samurai hands down is the best tool (my opinion). I think they have a free trial going on right now but you should defiantly check it out.
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        Nick, when you do your PPC testing, what do you look for, is it the amount of traffic the page is getting, conversion of the ad, optins and so on.
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    Badboys nicks, because most people think PPC needs to pay money and they don't want to pay in the first place. So why they ended up with no traffic or a little amount of traffic.
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    market samurai and micro niche finder is the best to find keyword.
    247 Techies listed in as a reputed online tech support company in US.
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    I'm new into the SEO world.

    My tactic is more re-active than proactive, but it's working.

    Google tells me what keywords are working on my websites to draw traffic in. So I focus my content on those keywords more often.

    I have a quite entertaining blog about 'quit smoking'. Well my search engine traffic doubled when I published a post about drinking tea. So now I realize there's a niche in smoking + tea.

    Testing the waters this way helps you know what the most successful path is!

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    Jasper, Butters is absolutely right on market samurai - I use it to research all my niches in terms of seo, it so cool and saves you so much time to drill down into a niche and find keywords. I've been lazy and haven't watched all the vids, now I'm watching their tutorial vids and there were just other tools within market samurai that I wasn't utilizing
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