Anyone ever use Site Build It?

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I was doing some research on how to build a good affiliate marketing site and came across an ad for Site Build It. It got my attention so I did some research on it as well. I was wondering from any of my warrior friends out there if you have ever tried or are currently using Site Build It and if you would recommend it. One of the things I noticed it said was that it also helps with SEO. Is that true too?

I have learned not to buy things or invest in things on a whim and to research and ask before jumping into something I may regret later.
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    I have never heard of Site Build It. Do you need to spend money to use the services? I use blogs and free website builders to promote affiliate products. However, I kinda steer clear from affiliate products, because they are mostly crap, and I don't have much control over the business.
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    I have heard better reviews of Affiliate Genie, a script that you install in your own hosting, and it helps you to create converting landing pages for affiliate marketing, cpa, etc.
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    Here is a recent thread where this subject was discussed at length:
    Hey want some
    Then check this out
    My Free Samples Page
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    Hello Susanna,

    I've never built a site with SBI. Although I have seen under the hood a few
    years back.

    I'm also very much aware of the creator Ken Evoy. I've dealt with him in
    other matters involving something he did quite a few years ago. He did me
    a personal favor that helped me a lot in a particular business decision.

    He released an ebook years ago called Make Your Site Sell, and he collaborated
    on another one called Make Your Words Sell. The first one was a landmark ebook
    for a lot of reasons.

    SBI is a solid product, and Ken Evoy is as reputable, knowledgeable, and honest
    as they come. A man of very high integrity, and he has had a reputation for
    over-delivering way before the phrase became popular.

    SBI was perhaps the first product of that kind. I have not looked at it for many
    years. But knowing Ken, I'm sure it has only gotten better. I remember seeing
    some businesses people built on SBI, again many years ago, and they were
    highly successful and very profitable businesses.

    I can assure you it will deliver what it says it will do. But you have to make it
    do that for you. The product will not do it all by itself.

    Ken has never in his life created a bad product. So don't even worry about

    The support has always been over the top, and his most successful customers
    have always been very enthusiastic and very loyal to Ken. So that also should
    tell you something.

    You can trust what I'm telling you. I won't tell you to buy it, that's up to you.
    But I will tell you it's 100% solid and if you work it, it will take care of you.

    Hope that helps.
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    Dont waste your money. You will get better help in here than in that site.
    UBot Expert
    Need a Demo, Proof of Concept, Product Creation, UBot Source Code or Training?
    Just Ask Me! Psst...for ubot training I give discounts
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    If you are new to internet marketing and building web sites it's not a bad place to start. I have nothing bad to say except that you are stuck rebuilding a website if you decide to leave their services. I just finished rebuilding a fairly lucrative site I built with them after leaving.
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