Is my website in threat of getting sandboxed?

by Tuzic Banned 4 replies

with our website i socially bookmark an ezine article or a go article everyday using so do you think google may possibly sandbox the site? is this possible?

& after how many daily article bookmarks will they sandbox the site? what is the mark before this can actually happen to us?

& we also write blog posts 5 times a week & ping these too, will that cause the sandbox effect ? or even spamming?
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    can someone possibly reply to this post? ? please as i really need to know & dont want the site to get sandboxed!
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      Well if it's your EZA or Goarticles articles you're social bookmarking then I don't see how that would affect your site at all. Google will like you for posting regular content to your blog, so again I don't think you'll have any problems.

      I've never had a site sandboxed and I experiment with all sorts of things - I think you only get sandboxed for spamming or getting too many backlinks at once (like thousands a day).
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        thanks for that, because i was scared that i might get sandboxed!! unknowingly!

        because we post content to the blog about 5 x a week & then ping these when we post too.
        & with the articles we bookmark daily but if we bookmarked 2 do you think that would cause a problem?
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        Originally Posted by Hamida Pall View Post

        - I think you only get sandboxed for spamming or getting too many backlinks at once (like thousands a day).
        This isn't necessarily true. Google will sandbox on a whim and for many different reasons. When they do, they normally won't sandbox the entire site but keywords. And the good news is that once you come out of the sandbox, you will likely gain ranking. It happens more frequently within competitive niches.

        If you get caught spamming, it is likely that you will be blacklisted which is an entirely different matter.

        In the event that your site gets sandboxed, just continue doing what you do and you will come out on the other end in better shape than when you got sandboxed.

        I have had a ton of my sites sandboxed and they have all seen the light of day a few months later.
        "Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing." Ben Franklin
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