How To Increase The Conversion Rate

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I have a website which is on 1st page for targeted keywords: resell rights, resale rights, master resell rights...

From those keywords I receive about 100 visitors per day and I make only 1 sale per day (about $100). That 1 sale is enough for me but when I see that some peoples here have conversion rate of 3-4% I thought that I might be leaving money on the table.

Please, check my site

is there something you can suggest me to increase the conversion rate?

Maybe my landing page sucks... or maybe I'm wrong and that 1% conversion is enough... i really don't know

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  • Your site seems fine to me. Maybe if you try to increase your visitors, especially from search engines, you should have more sales.
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    Firstly, on the plus side, this is a very nice-looking theme and a nice header. All round good look-and-feel. That said, here are a few suggestions for you:

    1. Rethink your Headline. "Webmaster Resources" may not conjure-up the right impression in the mind of your visitor.

    2. Change your Clickbank Nickname from 'anidiot' - that alone is likely to be repelling affiliates.

    3. Rewrite this ...

    "Our membership package starts from only $7.99 ...

    ... With 60% affiliate commission you can easily earn up to $88 right on the spot!"

    The two paragraphs may well be true, but you are potentially introducing incongruence in the mind of your reader.

    4. Move the Video toward the top of the page - above the fold if possible.

    5. Improve your 'call to action' tell them what they need to do and what they get when they have done it, then ask them to do it i.e. sign-up!

    6. For extra impetus, have an additional sign-up inducement that is not part of the Membership and is only available 'for today' - rotate this each day to keep it fresh.

    7. Put the opening quote symbol (") in your testimonials - to match the close quotes!

    8. Rethink your Sub-Head ... 'Here's Your Chance To Legaly "STEAL" ' ... is a bit tired and dated - and it contains a spelling mistake too. It's a very bad place for a spelling mistake!

    9. 'Hot Spanking Videos' - erm ... I wonder what kind of traffic you are getting. Not a great phrase unless you are selling spanking videos - which, of course, you might. If not, change that phrase.

    10. Rethink your Sales Letter format. You begin: 'Dear Marketer', but you don't end with a signature. Is it a letter or not? If not, drop 'Dear Marketer'; if it is include the other elements inclding signature and PS etc.

    11. Fix your Search Button (top-right) - the path is wrong!

    12. Add more content to the 2 outside columns to make the content flow right down to the footer. It will make the site look much more professional, less like a blog and will increase the perception of what's included in the membership.

    13. Change the text on your button: you don't wan't to use the word 'Order'. You need to guide people to the free offer; they can then make their own minds up about the Gold Membership when they are on your sign-up form.

    14. Use Bullets on the Home Page!

    That's a few suggestions for you.

    Here's wishing you great success.

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    Your traffic is fine. What's your sales funnel like? I'd add one-time offers, and Backend offers after people buy from you. If you do this right, it should double your sales.

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    Seeing as you already have a good flow of traffic, the best possible thing that you could do to increase conversions would be split testing.

    From my perspective, you're missing out on monetizing a lot of that traffic if only for the mere fact you aren't trying to build a list. If even only on your exit traffic I would try giving away something of perceived value (seeing as you have a whole site filled with stuff) in exchange for signing up to your list. Then you can continue to market to them.

    That move alone would increase your profitability but don't stop there...

    If it were me I would probably re-design the site all together with a tight focus on conversions. There is such as a thing as -too much- content. I would imagine the novice that would get to your site through Google might be overwhelmed by it all.

    I would try to make better use of all the space you have above the fold.

    At the very least if you don't want to make any huge changes start by split testing the banner on your home page. Focus on a single call to action to drive them to your signup page. Re-design your sign-up page to offer up concise information on what they're getting.

    The login box in the left sidebar on the home page is wasted space.

    The first thing I would do before anything crazy is install clicktale or the open source alternative (though not as good) . Take advantage of the screen recording and heatmapping and look for weak points in the sales funnel where you might be able to tighten things up. Pay attention to where people leave your page, where they're looking, how the signup process is working for them. Is the form too difficult?

    There's an infinite amount of things that you can do to increase your conversion rate and I literally could write a novel about it. For everyone's sake I'll stop here and say begin by understanding your visitors and how they interact with your site. Try to understand why they are leaving and improve on it. Track everything, test everything.

    edit: I just re-read and saw that you have roughly 100 visitors a day. This isn't going to be enough to do too crazy of testing. I would still attempt to understand your visitors and all that, but start the testing small. If they all land on the homepage make sure you optimize above the fold. If they are landing on the inner pages make certain that you have a newsletter signup or something at the top of the page giving something away. Collect emails and re-market.

    Lastly, ASK your visitors what you could improve upon. There's software out there that allows you to survey or even speak to your visitors in real time, take advantage of it because that's some of the most valuable feedback you can get.

    My thoughts on Lateral Marketing Stategies.
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    Well you're not doing badly at all. Excellent points mentioned, already.

    A couple thoughts:

    - If possible, try to greatly reduce the black space above the navbar on top
    of the header graphic. At least there's one in my old browser, IE The
    black, unused space is almost an inch wide in my browser. There's nothing there,
    and while it may represent some aesthetic appeal, it's still wasted space in your
    most prime real estate area.

    - Probably the best thing you could do, aside from split testing, is to know as
    much as possible about your visitors. "Webmaster Resources" comment above
    sparked my thinking here. Although visitor knowledge is true across the board.

    In fact, as Will mentioned there is incongruence.

    A. In my mind, webmaster resources are things for webmastering and not
    marketing. Ebooks, videos, etc are for marketing and not webmastering. I'm
    repeating Will, I think. Don't mean to do that. But it really is kinda glaring.
    However it's an easy cross-thought idea to make.

    But it's easy to fix. So that's good.

    I would really be curious to see the effect of changing one word as a test.
    "Webmaster" to "Marketing" or "Marketer's." Give it a try.

    Yes, the headline and especially the subhead have been seen a million times.

    In my mind, you can easily increase your conversion rate with well thought

    Good luck.
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    Just a couple of things that really stood out to me.

    1) Try to get the video closser to the top of the page. People like video and I have found that more people are willing to turn on a video then read the whole page. The sooner they see that and click ont that, the better

    2) I did not see a spot on the home page for you to gather leads. You know, get their email address. If you get 1% of the traffic's email (that's a really low %) but that would be 1 person a day that you could follow up with to show them the site 3 or 4 more times over the next week after they came to the site the first time.

    I hope that helps.
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    You have a lot of great suggestions here..

    I would make a list of them and use Google web optimizer to split test them.

    I wish you the best...
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    Thanks everyone for such a great suggestions. Seems to me that I'm still learning the basic... I have changed the header and most of the things you suggested.

    How does it look now?

    Would you runaway from this site or take a look what's inside?

    I will promote your business to my 100,000 members for free. Find out more
    Find out more
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