Are Clickbank Seller and Affiliate accounts different?

by AFD
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I've been an affiliate of Clickbank for more than 2 years but never tried selling my own product.

My question is, assuming I have an outstanding balance as an affiliate, when I create seller account and sold my products, does the money for my product be added to my existing affiliate commissions or should I create a separate seller account?

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    I'm interested in this too, is it recommended to create a new seller account with a product-related account ID?

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    I have sold on Clickbank for the past 6 years and this is what I do:

    #1 - You do not need a separate clickbank account to sell your product. When you log into your account under the "account settings" tab the third option is "my products". When you click there all of your existing products will be displayed, or, if you have not created any products yet there is a green button to the right to add/create a product.

    - Read the help section on creating a product. Setting up your first product is a little different so pay careful attention to the instructions.

    - After you have entered all of the information for your first product - you need to test that everything is working correctly (payment/thank you page/etc) - as stated, make sure you read and follow clickbank instructions exactly. When you have the information all done and tested you need to submit your first product for approval. Usually within 24 hours a clickbank rep will get back to you whether your product is approved or rejected, and if rejected why (usually due to your refund policy, ftc compliance, thank you page format, etc). If it is rejected, make the necessary changes and resubmit until it is accepted.

    - Once you have had your first product accepted, each product you add later is automatically approved (at least it always has been for me). You can continue to add up to like 500 products per account.

    - All money goes into the same account both affiliate and product sales, there are reports you can view for each.

    - Some people do create new clickbank accounts for each product they create, and I have done that as well but I have 1 main account that I do most of my volume through.

    Hope this helps - if not feel free to pm me or post a reply to this post.
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