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I asked here before about outsourcing, and got some great answers about working with freelancers for one off jobs.

Now I need to find out how to find a long term (full or part time) over seas employee who knows his way around website coding, but won't cost a great deal.

I tried to register for Best Jobs Philippines as an employer, but for some reason my country (Australia at the moment) is not alowed?

Are there any alternatives?
Cheers, and thanks for the help,
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    In my experience, it takes a LOT of online networking and building relationships with coders (or whoever) - my most successful hires have been after offering a stream of jobs over a month or two (not even discussing long term potential before that point), and lots of casual off-topic discussions and just getting to know who you are working with, and understanding their goals in life and helping them achieve it.

    My most indispensable employee lives 600 or so miles from me, and after casually working together for a year, she ran into some tough times so I invited her to come live with me for a few months where she worked from my home on one of my computers and shortly got on her feet and moved back home. That is a very extreme example and I would not advocate opening your home to any random freelancer, but just trying to illustrate that for me, my success has come with building relationships, not just hiring consistent employees.

    I try to help my freelancers network, I try to help them learn more in areas they are interested in and develop their skills, and I just try to be a resource.

    Have I gotten burned, wow, more times than I can even count, and probably more severely than the average person, but the flip side is I have some really great help without whom I could never achieve what I set out to do.

    Good luck!
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    Best Jobs is currently closed for memberships all over I guess. Someone I know in the US has tried it and I'm from the UK tried registering but it said the same thing.

    I work with outsourcers all the time and actually hired another part time employee for my designing stuff today.

    Feel free to pm me the details of what exactly are you looking for in the your employee and I may be able to help you out.

    Hope it helps.
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    Thanks a lot for the tip!
    I agree- building a solid relationship is essential.
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    Hi keystothemind,

    It takes time to build a trust and relationship especially in this kind of business. We've been handling different clients and most of them were our clients for more than 2 years now. You need to choose the right and reliable company not just for a business matter but to have a long lasting partnership.
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    i've had success finding a couple freelancers in the philippines on Trabaho Philippines - Job Openings, Call Center Jobs, OFW Work Abroad
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    An employee will become a long termer if he is passionate about your project/business and if he has a sense of ownership.

    I have one like that and its amazing what he has done so far.

    They don't care about how much money you or they make from the project...

    ... they are usually excited about the value it creates for people and the satisfaction they get in return.
    Digital Marketing Author | Speaker | Consultant

    Read my Blog: DigitalDeepak.com

    @ Bangalore, India.
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      there are so many outsourcing companies that can help you get an agent/employee/worker for you. try to google them...
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    try virtualhires.com for VAs.

    oh u need web developers right? then i recommend using GAF, finding the one u really like and offer that person a deal!
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