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With all the constant product launches and new tricks and tips in the internet marketing world, it can be really confusing and overwhelming for someone just getting started online (heck, even for us seasoned pros for that matter)...

Usually, the genius is breaking things down into its most simple form.

This week I was addressing a group of business owners at my local Dan Kennedy (GKIC) Chapter on information marketing and we were talking about what things a bricks and mortar business should focus on.

I think it really comes down to:
- generating leads (getting people into your store, calling you, etc.)
- converting those leads into sales
- following up to generate first time / repeat sales (this is where most business owners fail)

The process is really similar to an online business:

- get traffic to your website
- convert visitors (subscribers, sales, etc.)
- follow up (email marketing / list building)

Every day I focus on those three areas, when it comes to learning and actual implementation.

The next time you are going to focus your attention on buying a new course, or spending time on your business, ask yourself if it's accomplishing one of these three goals:

1. Is this going to help me get more traffic to my site / generate more leads
2. Is this going to help me increase my subscriber / sales conversions
3. Is this going to help me build my list and allow me to follow up with prospects and customers.

Hope that helps.

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