Google Checkout or Paypal

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I am creating a sales letter for a cheap $7 dollar entry level product..

what would you recommend. I am not a real big fan of paypal but whatever is best from your own personal experience please let me know.
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  • you can always check out a different payment provider like,, etc...
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      I am in the united states, I have had a registered business for the last 6 years.

      I have taken $100-$500 payments from both google and paypal, but only through email invoices since I had to actually reply to everyone after they paid.

      and only about 20 payments a month for a coaching program (non im related), this new site I want to have a little more automated because I will be taking around 100-200 payments if everything goes right.

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      It very much depends which country you live in, Gwriter. Google Checkout's terms of service vary from country to country. In some places, you wouldn't be able to collect money through Google Checkout for this without being resgistered with them as a specific tye of corporation according to local tax laws, and so on.
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    I would just use paypal. It has it's ups and downs but it will work. is good too but you have to pay $50 to get started and then a portion of every sale.

    It's really up to you.
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    I am aware of the cons of using paypal, but what are the disadvantagfes of using google checkout
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