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I recently tried some youTUBE account buying and would like to offer some advice to anyone who is going to try this traffic tactic. Its been around for a long time and I have tried it before and failed. After seeing George Brown making it work I decided to try it again.

1. Be ready to email at least 10 video owners before you get one decent reply.

2. On their profile make sure to check when they last signed in (some do not show this) if it shows a year or months then still email them but don't expect to hear from them for some time. (if ever which is a shame as some owners have great videos) (there is a ghetto black hat technique I use to steal their traffic but I better leave that to another post)

3. Not all videos show statistics so you need to use your marketing knowledge to work out if its a worth while video in the market you are targeting.

4. Be vigilant - some video owners are cocky and may try to steal your technique - I have found its better to OWN the account out-right.

5. The more you email and talk to the Video owners the better you will get at it - I have found as mentioned before some Video owners are trying to make money on youtube hence why they email you back (they want some easy cash for doing nothing). You will get a feel for what the owner is like from a first or second email.

6. Be VERY CLEAR when asking what you want and where you need the link to be placed (unless you buy the account outright) - I have lost money with a Video owner who I did not clearly explain where I need the link and on what video. I was very angry with this and did not get my money back and remember you have no-one to complain to but yourself. You need to get really good at this to make sure it all works out first time.

7. In Georges Video he goes for $20 a link and $150 an account - unfortunalty the internet and youtube account buying are not created equal. I have paid $50 for a link and $200+ for an account. If the owner is making some money with Adsense they usually want to make it worth their while so you take there earnings per month and times that by 12 months / same ratio as buying a website on Flippa.

8. I would personally leave this marketing techinique to when you have money to lose/gamble with (just in case) and spend the whole day emailing Video owners to get a good response. If they start wanting more than you are willing pay move on as its a commdaty on youtube - there millions of Videos that you work on buying don't get caught up like I have done on a Beauty of Video when the owner is being an arse about the link and the price.

9. BUY the account out-right otherwise you will end up with no control and unless you cut a long term deal they could just remove the links and your income would be lost (which could be your No1 money maker).

10. WIth the clever Video owners its best to cut a long term deal like $50 per month (be honest and tell them you are a very good marketer and your goal is to make a good profit from this deal) you will cut them in monthly at $50-$100 of course after you have checked your sales per week/month. This works well with the Video owners who have a Professional Channel on YouTube and are already looking for an Income from their Videos.

11. Use your owne domain (even buy an .info as it just looks more professional when thet ask whats the link and whats the site - its looks far more appealing than a tinyurl service. And will sometimes be the deciding factor as they will think its your site and you're more serious. (sorry this is if you are pointing the link directly to the offer) I like to use the domain followed by the /affiliateoffer.php

My first post on this forum and I hope its cool with everyone. Hope to do lots more.

All the best.
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    Some good tips there Jennifer. Yea some account owners can be a pain in the back side. I personally haven't tried this technique coz can't asked emailing account holders all day but what I plan to do it get my outsourcer a script to email and some guidelines to follow. But for now even he is too busy to take on something new.

    Welcome to warrior forum and see you around.

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      YouTube's partner program sure has changed the landscape of this technique somewhat. When it wasn't around, there was virtually no way for non-internet marketing YouTubers to make money. But now once they start getting some traffic with original content, they can partner with YouTube and get those Adsense ads shown on their at least they see some revenue.

      That has undoubtedly raised the cost involved with this technique, which is hardly "new".
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    Would like to know more on your "Ghetto black hat" routine. I suspect your going to a wso with that one.

    No Link here or Nothing to Promote Just a Old Happy Warrior User reading Topics

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    Hello Jennifer

    Great post there and welcome to the forum, I think you will have a lot to offer :-)

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