That Multi Millionaire! A Character Created by an Actor?

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I am sick an tire of guys all over the social medial presenting me with links to videos of self proclaimed "Millionaires" doing public speeches about how many millions a year the are making, and about how they are turning down multi millions dollars TV show contracts, yet when you visit the fake multi millionaire's official website the first thing you find is an email address to contact him or his manager to hire him for public speaking and online video commercials. Get it in your heads people, these are not real multi millionaires you are looking at, these are characters created by actors with fake names, fake backgrounds, and a license to play that Fake Millionaire character wherever they go. Stop presenting me with links to this kind of Fake multi millionaires public speeches, and stop sending me links to blogs with videos featuring this kinds of actors.

This is not one of them, but this following video is exactly how one of those Fake Multi Millionaires's public speeches looks like:

YouTube - Web 2.0 Expo NY: Gary Vaynerchuk (Wine Library), Building Personal Brand Within the Social Media Landscape

note: by the way, this is how he got presented: "He is always entertaining, and informing..."

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    It is a good thing you are able to see past the hype then

    You know, attitude is kind of a big deal but yeah, I personally don't like to make any exagerated claims about my life either.

    Being able to present yourself well or your products is a definite must although there are many approaches to it, I prefer to use play acting as described by the lateral thinker Edward De Bono in "The Six Thinking Hats". This simply means, I use lateral thinking and put myself into other people's shoes and use a wide variety of mental tools that allow me to keep my integrity, by approaching it like that, I manage to give a honest review.
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