Does anyone know a good place to have an iPhone app built?

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I am thinking of doing my hard copy book as an iPhone app (e-book) and giving it away for free. Does anyone know of someone that is good and reasonable that can build it? I don't think it would be too tough.

I'm looking for someone around $250.00

Table of contents, Text, and I'm also going to have a few charities that people can donate too if they like.

It would have to be someone that would get it into i-tunes. I did set-up with an online site called buzztouch for $49.00 and it wasn't a fit for what I was looking for. It was a good app for $49, but didn't have the direct link to itunes.

$49 lost. Teach me not to check the WF first. *Update - They actually refunded me the $49. WOW. You usually don't have that from a company.

Also, if anyone has any tips, I'd love to hear them. I don't have an iPhone and this is a new area for me.

Thanks in advance!
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