Clever tactic - could it work for you?

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I just finished completing an online survey for a large consumer food company. Oh, heck, it was SeaPak Shrimp Company.

The survey asked the basic demographics, then some questions about how I used their products. Pretty standard stuff, right?

Here's the clever twist...

At one point during the survey, they asked which products out of a list I had tried. They did this three times, with three different product groups.

At the end of the survey, I was given the opportunity to print three valuable coupons - one from each group. Three pages each contained one coupon, a company logo and a short paragraph:

"Be sure to try our newest products - [list of products in that group I indicated I had not tried]!"

Some of these products have been around for years, but they would have been new to me.

If you have multiple products, especially products like $7 reports, would reminding people to check out the ones thay had not bought yet (coupled with a discount) increase you sales? You'd need to test, but I'm betting the answer is yes...
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    I had heard of this tactic before from Howie Schwartz but I had forgot about it. Thanks for sharing this info man!


    -Alex Kaplo

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    I'm keeping this one too. I bet it works.
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    Hey John,
    The tactic sounds like a good idea, but I especially like your sig (really cute).
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      Hey John,
      The tactic sounds like a good idea, but I especially like your sig (really cute).
      It Could work on ebooks and info online.
      I also find giving away a free product 3 months ,after a sale is made works good, but just besure what you sell in the first place is a top quality product or no amount of lower price deals will work well.
      But you're right people do this in online sales and mail order also.
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