Ever heard of Microformats?

by Mnair
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Hello Warriors,

By no means am I well versed in SEO like some of you are but I came across this post on Wordtracker and I thought I'd post a link to the article. Just thought I'd write just in case any of you are wondering that I'm not an affiliate of Wordtracker or the author of the article. This is more like a FYI and was wondering whether any of you know about this. Thanks.

Microformats, rich snippets & clickthrough rates
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    This has been around for a while, and it looks like that article is just a rehash from the google blog;

    (I cannot post a link to it due to post count, though there are various other posts on the same subject so do a search over there for more info).

    I've implemented it on one of my wordpress sites and it was submitted for inclusion - i have seen no obvious benefit as yet though i don't think its actually be served either.
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