Possible to export Wordpress posts as a text file /s ?

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Is it possible to export all the posts in your Wordpress as either one text file or as individual text files (even better)?

I tried the export function but it just makes a xml file full of code, so may as well just copy/paste from the edit posts dashboard as that would be faster than trying to parse through all the xml markups.

Is there a plugin that will do this?

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    go to phpmyadmin on your cpanel, export database or even better export it on an xml format, open it on excel and copy all the posts one by one on a notepad.
    I built a custom perl code to munge all the data in the database file to copy on a seperate file, let me look for the script and put it up here if i found. Thanks. In the meanwhile try this python scipt, Convert Wordpress Export File to multiple html files Python recipes ActiveState Code

    u need python though, get that from here, Python Programming Language -- Official Website

    Sorry if you cant program, but u can outsource it to some for $20!

    hope it helps
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      Or you could try the Export to Text WordPress plugin by jcskyrocket, which exports all posts into text. No XML to deal with, just nice plain tab-delimted text.

      I would post a link, but I'm not allowed yet. Just Google "wordpress export to text".
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    Wow that looks like a brand new plugin, very useful if it does what it says on the tin.

    Is it yours?
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      Yes, it's mine. My first ever, so there may be a few bugs. If so, let me know in my site's comments and I'll fix 'em.
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        We have upgraded Export to Text. 1.1 fixes a number of bugs and offers more filtering features on the interface.
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