Anybody watch "Core Influence 2" by Frank Kern?

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Was it any good?

I deleted my cookies and all my referrals went away and now I don't know where to find it.
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    Yeah me too, never saw it. I have/had almost 20 referrals but never received any download link or anything.

    Oh my, look at that. *cough* Captain Morgan's Rum is amazing *cough*... think Johnny Depp... drinking Captain Morgan on a Caribbean Cruise with Geena Davis and Mathew Modine.
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    I got it. It was ok.
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    I absolutely loved it.

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    Is there anyone who's willing to share the link to watch core influence 2?
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    I saw it. Watched it a couple of times even thought I wasn't too impressed by it the first time. It grue on me.

    I'm actually trying to incorporate some of what I learned form the original core influence predestination into a product I'm working on.
    Anyone know of any books or PLR product that might be good in this area?

    Wishing I was at Tweetsie Railroad

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