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Excuse the newbie question, but I'm blown away with all the WSOs that move so quick and its hard to figure out who has good ones. Are there statistics that someone has like top WSO's for the month or something to help newbies like me out?

Thanks Much

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    www.warriorplus.com might help you out a bit but I'm not sure if it gives you exactly what you're looking for. It's still a good site though.

    I think the best way is to see what others say about the WSO you're interested in.
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    Go here:
    WSO Tracker | WarriorPlus

    You get lots of different options.
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    I bookmark the ones that look interesting, then wait a few days and check out the testimonials.

    Low tech but I like low tech.

    And yes I miss out on some "2.5 warriors only!" or for the next "9 seconds only" type promotions.
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    This is a super active forum! I just posted my comment, bought my first WSO and thought I'd check out my post. Bang got 4 replies and the WSO tracker is kinda what I was looking for, since I can put in the WSO I might be interested in.
    I just bought my first WSO and I hope I can do well with it.

    Mannn this forum is very active!

    Thanks to all of you for helping a newbie out. I've been afraid to post my stupid questions and hoped I could just read my way through, but the info on the forums move so fast I seem to be reading for hours on end.


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    Yes, the WSO section does move fast these days! Within just a few
    hours and your post is already on the third page.

    If you look at the lifetime of the WSO vs. the testimonials then that
    could give you a good cue. But for speed, I don't think any other forum
    beats this one.

    -Ray Edwards
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      coolnori, the WSO section as you obviously know moves very quickly. So it's your best bet to decide exactly what it is you want and then search for it using the 'Search' function above.
      The other thing you can do is go to WSO Tracker and find what you're looking for. Best to stay focused on one thing and implement as opposed to blindly going on the WSO section and throwing money around and promising yourself you'll read the material later and then forgetting about it.
      People tend to stock up on WSOs. Never good to do this. Stick to one method first before throwing money on the next one.
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